Sunday, April 5, 2015

A toast to Chocolate!

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The memories build,
the moments sealed,
with the melting liquid,
the crunches in the lipid.

The promise keeper,

the broken hearts healer,
in the tedious times,
with the multiple chimes.

The freshness in the moods,

the favourite of the foods,
eases the puzzles of life,
multiple toasts of hi-fives.

- Nandini
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  1. Chocolates are there always to lift up our moods irrespective of the situation :)
    Lovely poem.

  2. A fresh thought on chocolate" "The promise keeper, the broken hearts healer".
    Best of luck.

  3. hmm quite a toast.

    "The promise keeper
    the broken hearts healer"

  4. Beautiful! Best of luck.

  5. Wonderful. Chocolates are a woman's best friend.

    My entry is here :

    Very touching story. My entry is here

  6. Very true Nandini. Hi-fives to chocolates. Nice poem!


  7. chocolate best described , nice poem

    My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju'sChocolate

  8. Short, simple and beautiful Nandini. Hi-Fives to you for penning this down. All the best for BAT!

    Someone is Special - Life is a Chocolate

  9. Wonderful...Memories mixed with chocolate can make them even more sweeter... :) Keep Chocofying...




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