Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr NXT!

When I went on to explore the new feature of i.e the QUIKR NXT with coming up of a new indi- Happy Hour on Indiblogger, it was a great sight to land on the site with the development of this new feature which has a lot to offer to the people which range from holding the buyers and sellers privacy, sharing of the products and related information, etc without sharing the number.
These are the features that would prove themselves extremely beneficial for the users of the site as this would give privacy to them in a lot of ways where sharing of number is the major one.
The features that caught a hold of mine on this feature of Quikr are as follows:
Easy id creation and leading to quick exploration of the site, and enabling conversation between the buyers and sellers where both the parties can discuss about the product, share product details efficiently by photo sharing and product information on the chat itself. The users on the website can be ensured of the privacy of their personal details and contact number. The users need not share their details at first hand. This can take place when the users are completely satisfied about the product and services.
The main feature that come to be a part of it is the CHAT HISTORY where the users can have a record of the chat history. This would largely prevent the cheating to the customers and the sellers. This would lead to the prevention of fake cases that happen quite oftenly through this platform. The chat history could be kept as a proof of the conversation and details could be saved along with the photos and info that is shared among the users on the website. Improper and invalid cases can be reported to quikr which would consider it incase the genuine complaints arise.
The privacy of the individuals could be maintained through this amazing feature developed by where they no longer would have to call the buyer or the seller. The users can initiate the conversation on the website and then if they find it comfortable enough to carry the transaction, they can exchange the number.
Saves money on calls: The money spent on calls by calling different buyers and sellers could be prevented. This does not create holes in the pockets and has come out as a great feature of the website which makes the user to have the conversation online without making calls.
The photos sharing o the products can be done easily and efficiently. The details of the products could be asked from the users through chat medium. The users can feel the difference as they do not have to share their contact number, which would maintain privacy and enhance security to a large extent.
This new feature that has been launched by would come as a great asset to the people and shall prove boon for them.

This entry has been written as a part of an entry of Happy Hours on indiblogger.

For more details on the feature log on to :

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