Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gaming Revolution in India- FAT-CAT : Lucky 6

India has one of the world's fastest-growing economies, but what role does gaming play in the lives of its vast emerging middle-class?

The rapid spread of 3G wireless technology across India was one of the most quietly significant stories of few years down the lane back in 2009. India is now one of the world's fastest growing economies, supported by 1.2 billion people who had no consistent access to affordable broadband internet until a little over 2009. In 2010, wired broadband connections reached less than 1 per cent of that vast population - 3G connections surpassed that within the first few months.

SHM Entertainment Ltd (“SHM”), has designed an online gaming platform whose applications (“Apps”) are marketed under the brand, “Fat Cat”. Currently the platform allows players to play two unique games on their smartphones and tablets.

Of course, social networks and smartphones have disrupted markets the world over, but it's important to remember that India didn't really have a market to begin with. For developers, these platforms are all raw potential and boundless promise, but actually making the economics work for consumers is proving to be a challenge.

A typical game title today takes around 24 months to make and will have a production budget of $ 4 -10 million. The game industry is under increasing pressure to reduce development time and the cost of production. Reason enough for major publishers and studios to look at outsourcing development.

This is where the Indian game developers with their world-class quality and game development experience step in. India has excellent programmers and the rapid growth of the market is adding to the allure.


1. User-Adaptability: access to the game on smartphone makes it so comfortable to play anytime around, even it means to refresh oneself from the hectic schedule in short breaks time

2. Sharing is caring: The game has a very useful feature of sharing it with friends and making them earn money in a friendly manner. And, the best is when they earn, you earn too.

3. Quiz-game: It is good to enhance knowledge domain at any point of time and take it forward to higher levels. The game has a good feature of playing quizzes.

4. Winning big: The game looks promising in the manner of earning good value by selecting the shares of the 6 companies which we wish to from the list.

5. Ease of Access: The game has good features of being accessed even by a novice who has negligible knowledge of gaming by simply downloading and signing up with the game.

There are facts and figures that say that India is the next frontier for many gaming companies. India as well as Brazil. Brazil has had and shown a lot of interest and done very well in the last few years in the gaming sector. India is untapped and has in store a huge potential waiting to be unleashed at a large mass level.

Even though the emerging market for mobile gaming is experiencing teething problems with regards to generating revenue, it is still serving a valuable purpose in the country. Mobile gaming has brought gaming culture into India.

FAT CAT is so much fun and the jackpots being huge, I am waiting for the day, when my friends would turn to me and thank me for turning them into big fat cats. What fun!

To know more about the FAT CAT game, click here : FAT CAT.


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