Saturday, August 16, 2014

Raising A Toast!

At the stumbling stone,

I managed to hold thy,
grabbing the sight,
I plan to stay thou beside.

Across the lanes of that old street,

there was a coffee shop,

we planned to drop by,
raising the toast with all hope.

Chanting and rattling,

of life with each sip,
there was a beauty,
that laid on the lips

The cracking of the eggs,

and the mysteries of life,
then I profoundly discovered,
of the bond that I share with you.

- Nandini

History's Mystery.

History is profound,
in its glory, lost and found,
are the stories,
of losses and victories.

Every second becomes a history,
with its own random story,
in the continuation,
of the states and the nations.

Harmless and harmful,
hopeless and hopeful,
unfolding the mystery,
create another history.

- Nandini

The Oscillating Breath!

Up above in the air,
there lies the blue layer,
also, are other shades,
where the worries fades.

On dark and dusky mud,
standing like a stud,
foothold in the rains,
camouflaging the pains.

The sky meditates,
the merriment radiates
the cloud pours,
on the earthly bores.

The lush green grounds,
and the scent surrounds,
on the swings' chains,
its peace that mind attains.

- Nandini


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