Sunday, August 3, 2014

The life with Jifi!!

Waking up on a fine morning,
with all the bells chiming,
the unseen delight and happiness,
of the impending joy and merriness.

The jifi around the corner,
sounding like a partner,
making me hit a jackpot amount,
without any balance in the account.

Bringing the bouquets of joy,
with twittering around,
boasting of the fun,
with the tweets lending pounds.

Interacting and socializing
on the social media networks
mingling and fraternizing
making the accounts work.

As the time races and passes,
the balance in the account rises,
the more of fun and game,
as I raise to fame.

No minimum requirements,
and reaping the benefits,
of the regular accounting,
and worry-free banking.

The new world of banking,
that we have been long awaiting,
leaving us with no hesitations,
travelling to the destinations.

Making clients socially powered,
with women and children empowered,
exploring the life with Kotak jifi,
fun in life, when its busy.


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