Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black in Vogue!!!!!

Black has always been eye-catching and has always been in vogue whatever the times it had been. The fact that goes with it is that black has that ever-lasting impression. It never fails to impress anyone.

Black is bold and ever-lasting. It is that magic colour, which when picked up in confusion avoids all sorts of chaos and hassles. It is classy and thus, goes around with everything and anything.

It is this time of the year again when on the eve of Raksha Bandhan, all the bachelors of the family plan out a party. We have a dress code for the party. This time me being the host, the colour code had to be undoubtedly black for girls and boys are free to be in any kind of formals. And, with black I go crazily shopping around with a handy list that is all set to be on me soon.

The five black things that I desire for the party dress-up code are :

1. Gown : The elegant and pretty looking gown for the host has to be something special that is comforting, eye-catching and glamorous. In the formals, I love dressing up in gowns, making me look slimmer and prettier.

2. High heels : With gowns, it has be heels and black high heels are a perfect combo with every kind of gown. The feet shape assumes better shapes and yes, you are taller then you usually are.

3. Nail paint : Those killer looks that when added to the make-up is something amazing. The black nail paint to those beautiful tiny fingers is something that would catch up anyone's sight over you. Then what else can be an ornament to the fingers.

4. Eye-liner : Eyes are the most attractive features a person possess. Eye-liner would be like icing on the cake, and who doesn't care about that special icing that makes you look like the queen of the event. The dark kohled eyes are a huge compliment for any event.

5. Bracelet : The tremendous fetish that I have developed till date is for the bracelets. A black bracelet with a black gown and black heels is something like hitting a jackpot. A black bracelet studded with black diamonds would be relinquished by me for ever as my brother has planned to gift it to me on Raksha Bandhan day. What better it could get than this!!

This is my exclusive dress-up style that I chose for the bachelors party and would love to rock and I would be in the best of comfort zone.

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Fumes from the Forests!!


The rays filtering, through the dust rising,
decaying the leaves, the light cascading,
raising the fragrance of the wild flowers,
the insects scurrying beneath the leaf litter,
the aroma of the pine cones and needles,
the brisking winds through the trees,
in search of smell through the fauna and flora,
the fumes through the trees of strong aroma,
rocks and rivers, streams and gorges,
the pleasant smell the shadows forges,
where grow the lichens and mosses
emitting the fumes of the dampness,
the fragrances of the sawmills,
the odour of the redwood trees,
it is the forests odors, browns and greens,
floods the  senses of the human beings.
The fragrance that flows, freely to the nostrils,
of the Sandalwoods in the long track of forests,
whirling round and around all along the miles,
floating in the winds, bearing smiles,
the water tumbles down the forests lane,
the perfume dispensers in the valleys, in the lakes,
of thousands of blossoming leaves and flowers,
Emanating from the nature are the plentiful smiles,
in the form of fragrances and the scents,
clinging upon the imagination, 
and wonders of the mankind.


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