Monday, July 14, 2014

Smell of The GOD..

Fragrance of the creativity
of all that is known and unknown
in the wonderlands
of this beautiful Earth
where the God shares its belongings.

In the forms of bestowing nature
with the perching birds
in the trees, in the valleys
the humming bees
in the flowers, in the gardens.

The soaring high sky
roaring upto the zenith
with the Almighty swaying in clouds
and, the tale of the bright sun
gleaming in the eyes.

This is true of the fragrance,
that lays so near-by
of whose presence
is not a surprise
that lay limitless, boundless.

Life is a garden 
blossoming and blooming
under the God's umbrella
spraying through the jets
of perfumes and the scents.

Plenty for the needs,
punishes for the greeds,
must share and care,
for the blessings and grace
of the Lord and the God.

For everyone to relish
in the bountiful nature
relinquishing the pleasures
of the ambrosial and aromal
dispersing in the winds.


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