Monday, January 13, 2014

The life recharged!

Once upon a time
near the hill side
in those wide valleys
there were
three baby rabbits
that laid unattended
quivering and shivering
in the glacial winds
blowing down
and across the regions
in the vale,
looking with a hope 
of warmth and 
the longing care
for being taken away
by the kind heart
in lieu of protection
against the weather
that poured harsh
treatments on those
baby rabbits,
for one another time
did some brainstorming,
I was almost resource-less
with a stick in one
of my tiny arms,
and nuts packet
in the arm that carried a bag,
where moving forward
was giving upon
humanity and tenderness
to those little ones,
I was knocked,
with an amazing idea
to feed them some nuts,
and give a layer of
indemnity and surety
by the thick locks that
were long enough that
reached down to the knees,
and to engulf around
those tiny tots,
then, was the addressing
of love and care by them,
quite evident
by the eyes that spoke
a million thanks
and showered
enormous blessings,
that have been paying
me all through the way
since then,
accompanying me
in my acts
throughout the day
growing and cuddling
around me, 
keeping me recharged
and full of life,
and laughter,

- Nandini


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