Sunday, November 23, 2014

To the joys of Childhood!

It is never too late to re-live the childhood, for what I feel is that it is that phase of life, we can live as many times as we want to, only if we really wish and aspire to.  

I do not miss my childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things,  even as greater things crumbled, and I keep visiting those days time and again as and whenever possible. Those were the days I could not control the world I was in but now there are certain things under my control, under my wish and will. There were times when I could not walk away from things or people or moments that had hurt me that time, but now I have all the choices and variables available at my disposal. The only thing that has been constant is that I took joy in the things that made me happy and I still continue to rejoice them the same way. Wonderful it is, ain't it? It really is, and that is how it should be.

As we grow-up in life, it becomes full of quirks and the deadly secrets. Childhood days are those days in the life of an individual where one goes on to stem those pillars where the branches of life are nurtured over it. The branches and the tree would be as heavy as the foundation would be.

For sharing and coming up with the best memories from childhood days, the best were rhyming loudly with the whole school. I used to eagerly wait for the assemblies and for the announcements where everyone would be singing in chorus.

One of them goes like this:  “If you are happy and you know it”

If any of the St. Thomsian, would be coming across it, he/she would know what I am talking about. The morning assemblies were the best part of the day. The best was our Principal Sir and all the teachers also used to join us in the song. This particular song “If you are happy and you know it” used to fill the thrill in every child in the school and everyone used to be so happy for whole of the day, for if you feel good, everything around will be good and emitting positive vibes and energy. This is the aura of the happiness, which the song ultimately conveys at large.

The video for the lovely rhyme is here:

Here goes another one: “Old MacDonald had a farm”

And if anyone from the Garg family that I am from, comes to stop at this post, shall approve of what I am going to narrate next. We have never known limits to the joy of this particular poetry song till today. Any one of the cousins would start and all would come out of their rooms and join. These are the joys of a joint family and I am proud of it. We have so much of these fun-filled moments. The best part of this song is that we used make our grandfather sit with us and make rounds and rounds around him while going on loudly with this poetry. Can you imagine of the joy I am talking about it here? To no doubts, it used to be so much fun and the excitement in we all kids new no boundaries.

The video for this yet another wonderful rhyme is here:

These are two of the memories of my childhood with the rhyming and merrily going around, and living happily to those memories today as well. These are the pure and pious moments for me which I would love to cherish and live forever with. With the advancement in life, we have entries and exits of individuals, like as I write it, I am missing my grand parents for they have left for some better world from here. Also, I miss my school days and singing in chorus and with friends and lots of schoolmates.

These are the joys that stay with us in the form of memories and precious moments. Though I cannot set back certain things, but even as today I want to remember and re-live those moments, I sing them and live them. I had a happy and a lovely childhood, that makes me a child again even today.

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