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The Tides And The Chides


(Note : This post has been written as a part of Blogadda's #CelebrateBlogging. My team is "Tandem Tensome" and this is the fourth chapter in the series. You can read the previous chapters here : Part-I , Part-II , Part-III )

Team : Tandem Tensome

Aditi Pathak, Oeendree Mukherjee, Raksha Bhat, Nandini Garg, Sajal Kumar Aggarwal, Samba Brata, Rathina Sankari, Swati Mittal, Swathi Shenoy and Sathya Narayanan

Chapter 4 : The Tides And The Chides

One shot down. Two down. Three down. To kill the mounting stillness, he was cheering up with shots of wine and discovering a way out through his pile of books with the solace that he shared with himself. He usually avoided the company of anyone being around him. He was almost addicted to the hustles and bustles of the city life of Delhi.

“My mind rebels at stagnation. I abhor the dull routine of existence. This is not why I chose to be a lawyer.” mumbled Daruwala quite frequently at the halt of the vibrancy into his life.

Cyrus Daruwala has always been a person with style statement that naturally comes to him with a tall stature and a curly hair head that surmounts him with different styles of beard on chin. A stern personality that he always put on himself was a confidence statement.

Tara was ready with a list of hefty assignments on her desk. She hated any kind of delay in her assignments. She was always on her toes for any task assigned by the creative-head. She managed a high-heel esteemed aura in her office.

Jennifer in her tees and shorts out in the verandah lights a cigarette, and throws puffs in the air one after the other as signs of relaxation after successful application for photography assignment at her media-house, for that kept her up all through the night.

Tara was impressed on seeing an applicant with the profile and the portfolio that was right up there in the mail-box that met the standards quite aptly that happened to be flowing in a manner of just few hours.

A puff and a shot of the blaze that she was responsible for emerging into the air, kept going on till quite lately. She managed to capture some decent shots. She decides to put herself inside her sac and head to some sleep, while she was anxious about hearing from the creative-head.

The cell phone buzzes. The call goes unanswered. Miss Jennifer Joseph woke up at her usual office timings, and was startled by the glance of the miss call from the team’s head. She paced up and managed to miss most of morning chores and ran to the office. She knew she made it to the list. But the fear of losing the opportunity kept her high on nerves through the slow moving traffic on the Mumbai streets which brought her even more close to her camera.

There was a queue for interviewing of the position to be allotted for the photography assignments. So was the pulse of working with Tara, in a matter of few hours of the vacancy, there were huge number of candidates waiting for the profile. Jennifer was confident of her profile. She scored well for her application. Her confident attitude towards her assignments made her even more suitable for the profile Tara had been looking for.

Shekhar had been waiting for Roohi to deboard the school bus. All the school buses passed by. Roohi didn’t get down. Shekhar went even more anxious at the sight, but did not lose control. As he called up the school authorities, the school keeper updated about the status of no one being around in the school. Shekhar, a hopeful person that he always had been, calls up Tara, and yet again the calls went unanswered.

Later, Tara startles at the news of her missing daughter and chides over Shekhar for not being a responsible father for her daughter. Shekhar manages to be quiet to handle the situation maturely. They report for their missing child and go on a hunt to locate her.

A beep sound, and a continuous round of bells. Daruwala was asleep and suddenly woke up on the calls from his mother, who had been lately asking him to pay her visits. His mother had to often bribe him with the presents to see him. He decided to go on a vacation taking his mom along this time. This time he had plans and presents to surprise his mother.

He just waited until she stopped talking and then he thought he had to detach his minds at will of a remarkable degree so that he did not notice how much he was hurting inside his head. He was concerned but not consumed.

Read next part of the story here.

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