Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hope is beautiful,
and strengthening,
instills the faith,
for crossing,
the million miles.

Hope is credence,
and the confidence,
fulfillment of promises,
and aspirations,
of the self.

Hope is trust,
and power,
towards others,
of the beliefs,
and the desires.

Hope is leading,
and enlightening,
towards the aims,
and the aspirations,
of the dreams.

Hope is light,
and bright,
of the urges,
and the yearnings,
that lay inside.

Hope is the action,
and the process,
of the impending,
tasks and missions,
towards the feat.

Hope is the wish,
and the dream,
looking forward,
to the hope,
at the end of the tunnel.

- Nandini

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