Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the maze of life..

In the maze of life, 

none would ever know, 

of the profound story, 

that grew to glory, 

of the near existence, 

of you and me, 

where we walk the Earth, 

battling around, 

with destiny and fate, 

about the real and the reel, 

decoding the mysteries, 

scoring over the existence, 

and going past the ascertain, 

with the hidden scripts, 

of either souls, 

that lay deep rooted inside, 

owing a little space, 

in the appetite of spirit, 

capturing unmarked corners, 

being the invincible, 

withdrawal sickness, 

of both of us, 

falling into the debts, 

to the life that offered us this zest.

- Nandini

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