Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the maze of life..

In the maze of life, 

none would ever know, 

of the profound story, 

that grew to glory, 

of the near existence, 

of you and me, 

where we walk the Earth, 

battling around, 

with destiny and fate, 

about the real and the reel, 

decoding the mysteries, 

scoring over the existence, 

and going past the ascertain, 

with the hidden scripts, 

of either souls, 

that lay deep rooted inside, 

owing a little space, 

in the appetite of spirit, 

capturing unmarked corners, 

being the invincible, 

withdrawal sickness, 

of both of us, 

falling into the debts, 

to the life that offered us this zest.

- Nandini

Where are we caught up ?

I believe,
we as human beings,
have cut down,
on our own wings,
on the level of consciousness,
and forgotten,
or seem careless,
for our fellow beings.
Where are we caught up,
in the chains,
of our own lives ?
of our own needs ?
of our own ego gratification ?

- Nandini

Lift from the abyss..

The quench of discovering the self,
engulfed somewhere in the abyss.

that lays far away from effervescence,
nearing the peace and silence.

Let the mighty soul expand,
and the harmony land.

Into the shallow pit,
welcome the easiness hit.

In the darkness there is light,
it is just the matter of sight.

There lays all the delight,
make the horizon bright.

In the world of fantasies,
reach for the higher skies.

For the moon that is high,
looks upon many, doesn't sigh.

After the hours of darkness,
there is showering of happiness.

- Nandini

Monday, August 18, 2014

And It's When They Smile.

Basking in the glory,
with every success story,
when I rise each time,
to rise and shine,
facing all ups and downs,
wearing the victory gowns,
unraveling the mysteries,
in making of the histories,
lifting me from the failures,
into the hands of valor,
with all that supremacy,
making the paths seem easy,
to ascend from the tides,
taking through the rides,
it's when I stand high,
and take an optimized fly,
it's when they(mom&dad) smile,
my achievements know more miles.

- Nandini 

Let There Be Light.

Let the light peep in,
and shadows deepening,
from the panes in the sky,
let it scatter on thy.

Let there be light,

and a little more delight.

The sunshine emerges,

form dusk to dawn images,
of several colors and hues,
and the fragrance diffuses.

Let there be light,

and a little more delight.

The nature's offerings,

life and death weaving,
for a man's vision,
broadening the horizon. 

Let there be light,

and a little more delight.

- Nandini 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Raising A Toast!

At the stumbling stone,

I managed to hold thy,
grabbing the sight,
I plan to stay thou beside.

Across the lanes of that old street,

there was a coffee shop,

we planned to drop by,
raising the toast with all hope.

Chanting and rattling,

of life with each sip,
there was a beauty,
that laid on the lips

The cracking of the eggs,

and the mysteries of life,
then I profoundly discovered,
of the bond that I share with you.

- Nandini

History's Mystery.

History is profound,
in its glory, lost and found,
are the stories,
of losses and victories.

Every second becomes a history,
with its own random story,
in the continuation,
of the states and the nations.

Harmless and harmful,
hopeless and hopeful,
unfolding the mystery,
create another history.

- Nandini

The Oscillating Breath!

Up above in the air,
there lies the blue layer,
also, are other shades,
where the worries fades.

On dark and dusky mud,
standing like a stud,
foothold in the rains,
camouflaging the pains.

The sky meditates,
the merriment radiates
the cloud pours,
on the earthly bores.

The lush green grounds,
and the scent surrounds,
on the swings' chains,
its peace that mind attains.

- Nandini

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hope is beautiful,
and strengthening,
instills the faith,
for crossing,
the million miles.

Hope is credence,
and the confidence,
fulfillment of promises,
and aspirations,
of the self.

Hope is trust,
and power,
towards others,
of the beliefs,
and the desires.

Hope is leading,
and enlightening,
towards the aims,
and the aspirations,
of the dreams.

Hope is light,
and bright,
of the urges,
and the yearnings,
that lay inside.

Hope is the action,
and the process,
of the impending,
tasks and missions,
towards the feat.

Hope is the wish,
and the dream,
looking forward,
to the hope,
at the end of the tunnel.

- Nandini

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Aching Silence.

I exist,
in the midst
of your mind,
and there arises
the fumes,
of thousand thoughts,
spending long hours,
where there lays,
no escaping,
and no hiding,
I plan to hold back,
into the pages,
of marked silence,
somewhere in the path,
I might be-fit,
breaking and shattering
down the shackles,
driving away the fears,
visioning the solace,
and the realities,
follow like a shadow.
I am drenched,
in the tranquility,
my soul awaited peace,
from the aching silence.

- Nandini


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