Monday, July 21, 2014

Zest UP! and say Cheers!

The supreme joys of life are in the creative life when it is filled with the various adventurous affairs. The true happiness comes with facing challenges and coming out to face the odds, and leading to new experiences.

Five of those few things that add zest to my life are :

1. Good Food :  The long working sessions in the kitchen is something that keeps me alive and zests me up everyday to hone my culinary skills. I love to experiment with the food ingredients and items and prepare delicious dishes. Trying out several designs and various serving patterns on the dining table get me more exciting. Good food is what satisfies my appetite and fills me with passion and zeal after every meal.

2. Workout sessions in the gym : Gym is my second favourite hideout after kitchen. It has its own reasons to be on second spot after cooking, since the extra calories can be burnt out even if the food on the table was highly craving and unavoidable. Workout sessions at the gym energize me and keep me active throughout the day. It makes me feel fresh and enables me to handle all of the tasks with ease. It helps me break the monotony everyday and enables me to set new standards and bars for my health and life.

3. Travelling : The planning of the adventure trips and exploring out the wildlife and nature during my travel is something that adds to the fervour and enthusiasm. They add to my energy levels and keep me fresh till the next expedition. The packing and unpacking has its own charm with the travelling. Travelling helps me unravel the mysteries of places in and out of the books, something in real, far away from the virtual land.

4. Reading : For the ones who love the art of reading and know what it is to be drenched into reading upto the last page of the books, there is nothing else that boosts up the levels of zest. It gives a whole new life while unlocking every page of the book. The various reading interests keep me alive and joyful throughout this beautiful journey of my day-to-day life.

5. Studying the sky : This is something that has a new excitement for me each day. The high beautiful sky daily has different story narrated by it with the formation of various clouds and the patterns it assumes. The movement of clouds, the different constellations, various shades, etc offer a lot to me that always keeps my level of zests of life. The sunrise skies, sunset patterns, the various shapes the sky assumes in the night, the several seasons' cycles give huge amount of excitement to the sky examiners.

Nothing comes easy in life. Life is all about zest. Zest is the secret of happiness.

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

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