Monday, July 21, 2014

Stepping stones to the Great Barrier Reef with SkyScanner!!!

The Great Barrier Reef - Australia.

Marine life is something that fascinates me time and tide again.If this time I stand lucky with skyscanner, I would love to go around Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. The stretch cover of the reef is over and around 2000 kms for a round trip is a pleasant idea to explore marine life.

The colourful rainbow patterns of the reef forms thrill me each time I hear from anyone visiting them and narrating their experiences. There is whole plan layout which I have decided to have at Great Barrier Reef.

Firstly, I would go around the white sands of the WhiteHaven beach located at Whitsunday Island. From there heading to diving experiences in the reef's smooth seas, drop offs, and in the underwater tunnels near the Cairns. I would love to snorkel and dive around with the flippers and wetsuits.

Next would experience sailing with the wind from Douglas Port to the Low Isles that was discovered by the Captain Cook. There I would stop by for resort relaxation and take some sailing experiences.

From there, I would head for Rain forests. There I would go around spotting wildlife and the Bloomfield falls. I will experience the cruising down the Daintree river and visiting the Mossman Gorge. Heading to tropical and subtropical rainforests on Eungella Island located in mist-mountains would be on my itinerary. When in the nature, would take down the experience of talking with the wildlife in the Whitsunday National Park and spot the prominent species of the park.

Taking the trip forward, the important on list are the adventure sports. The Great Barrier Reef offers such great opportunities at Day Dream Island such as those of parasailing, bushwalking, boating, snorkelling, sea-kayaking, hot air balloon ride, etc. So much on the list on this trip would enrich me with the best lifetime experiences.

The planning of the trip through skycanner makes it more easy and a worthwhile experience helping in finding out the best rates for flights, accommodation, and travelling around locally.

The Travel expenses :

Flight charges : INR 65000

Accommodation Charges : INR 10000

Car hire Charges : INR 12500

Food and adventures: INR 12500

And the trip is all set!! Thankyou SkyScanner.

A perfect planner and for which I won't have to hop around several sites and travelling agents for planning out my trip. Skyscanner gives us this flexibility in planning out the trip.

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