Saturday, July 26, 2014

The world beyond imagination with #IncredibleZEN

With the billions of population that is poor world wide, the United Nations in 2000 came out with Millennium Development Goals, popularly known as MDG's.

To go ahead further with this issue, it is essential that we are in knowledge of these goals that the most respected World's agency laid down. These are :

1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
2. To achieve universal primary education.
3. To promote gender equality and empower women
4. To reduce child mortality.
5. To improve maternal health.
6. To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
7. To ensure environmental sustainability.
8. To develop a global partnership for development.

With my incredible super powers that I would love to give my ASUS Zenphone, I shall fulfill all of these MDG's and make this world a healthy, wealthy and wise place to live in. The Earth being a beautiful planet, does not deserve pain and sufferings. Everyone here should be blessed with a peaceful life.

Eradicating poverty and hunger primarily from the root level is the curing of the maximum painful sufferings that the mankind faces. It is said that "Poverty breeds poverty". What if this saying itself is made to stand wrong and taken away from the sayings ? The super power to eradicate it and spreading smiles across the million miles.

Secondly, providing means to every individual to enlighten oneself by educating and studying, and paving a way to a better scientific and powerful world.

Rational education would ultimately make a man more wise and shall lead to gender quality and empowering women. Respect for all the humans and the rights to a meaningful would ultimately land into everyone's pocket.

With the eradication of poverty and lending adequate means of education, there would be a knowledgeable and a healthy world that would have the declining rates of diseases and deaths. The world would be a more aware planet with better health statistics.

With the super power of the phone, I shall make everyone aware about the importance of sustainability, providing appropriate means of life to all the individuals and paving healthy ways for the lives and livelihood.

Achieving all this with the super powers of the my personalized ASUS Zenphone, would connect the whole world, suppressing the wars and hatred, emanating and radiating peace, making everyone look surprised at the transformation and awaking them to a world beyond imagination.

The United Nations would stand surprisingly and would carry the Aladin's magic lamp and search for the power behind this incredibility that my super power Asus Zenphone would provide to this world.

And then there would be me, thanking ASUS for the #IncredibleZen!! 



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