Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fumes from the Forests!!


The rays filtering, through the dust rising,
decaying the leaves, the light cascading,
raising the fragrance of the wild flowers,
the insects scurrying beneath the leaf litter,
the aroma of the pine cones and needles,
the brisking winds through the trees,
in search of smell through the fauna and flora,
the fumes through the trees of strong aroma,
rocks and rivers, streams and gorges,
the pleasant smell the shadows forges,
where grow the lichens and mosses
emitting the fumes of the dampness,
the fragrances of the sawmills,
the odour of the redwood trees,
it is the forests odors, browns and greens,
floods the  senses of the human beings.
The fragrance that flows, freely to the nostrils,
of the Sandalwoods in the long track of forests,
whirling round and around all along the miles,
floating in the winds, bearing smiles,
the water tumbles down the forests lane,
the perfume dispensers in the valleys, in the lakes,
of thousands of blossoming leaves and flowers,
Emanating from the nature are the plentiful smiles,
in the form of fragrances and the scents,
clinging upon the imagination, 
and wonders of the mankind.

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