Monday, July 21, 2014

BLACK is Class!


Black is true,
entwines me in the love,
in the darkness,
that is so profound,
shields me from the unknown,
friendly and flattering,
the comfort zone,
something that is my own.

The love that I have come to inherit for the colour Black is quite famous among the people who have known me closely. It is so profound that on my birthdays and special occasions I m gifted something black. To add to my own happiness, I treat myself on my special occasions, I go around shopping and get back with something that is BLACK!!!

I already possess a lot that is black, but never the less the list is never ending. And, every now and then, there are add-ons on the list. Amongst the many lists, I always maintain a special list that would be comprising that would be all black.

Following is a list of 5 things that have a mention here.

1. Black Wardrobe : 
I am a girl, and what could be my top most priority. A special black wardrobe in my personal room at my home, that would be filled with each and everything black inside it and whose proud owner would be "I, me aur main". Yes, I wish this to be so very true on my wishlist.

2. Black Audi Q5 : 
Yes, my dream car. I would soon be gifted by my father when I fulfill the promise I made to him, and I am hopefully on the way to achieve the target. Audi, black audi, here you come soon in my garrage!

3. Black IPAD : 

Now that I m in possession of white ipad gifted by my brother, I wish had he given me a black, I would not have had this on my wishlist to have a black ipad. I m eagerly waiting for the Apple team to launch a new version of it, so that I can get a new one. Whoa! 

4. Black luxurious watch : 
A crazy person for watches that I am, I have WATCH marked upon the list permanently. Hence, my wardrobe awaits another watch, a luxurious priced possession. I usually gift myself a watch on every birthday, a lovely way to be in possession of watches, would still love to add many more! 

5. Black roses : 
This might sound unusual to many. But I love to collect black roses, and dry it out and preserve it with me! 
They have a beauty and a different story associated with each petal of the flower!

Black is class. Black is Jazzy. Black adds zest to life. Black peps up life. Black brings in life. Black is synonymous to bliss. Black is eternal. Black is mesmerizing. Black is divine. Black is soothing. Black is love. Black is beautiful. Black is BLACK!!! 

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