Saturday, July 26, 2014

The world beyond imagination with #IncredibleZEN

With the billions of population that is poor world wide, the United Nations in 2000 came out with Millennium Development Goals, popularly known as MDG's.

To go ahead further with this issue, it is essential that we are in knowledge of these goals that the most respected World's agency laid down. These are :

1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
2. To achieve universal primary education.
3. To promote gender equality and empower women
4. To reduce child mortality.
5. To improve maternal health.
6. To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
7. To ensure environmental sustainability.
8. To develop a global partnership for development.

With my incredible super powers that I would love to give my ASUS Zenphone, I shall fulfill all of these MDG's and make this world a healthy, wealthy and wise place to live in. The Earth being a beautiful planet, does not deserve pain and sufferings. Everyone here should be blessed with a peaceful life.

Eradicating poverty and hunger primarily from the root level is the curing of the maximum painful sufferings that the mankind faces. It is said that "Poverty breeds poverty". What if this saying itself is made to stand wrong and taken away from the sayings ? The super power to eradicate it and spreading smiles across the million miles.

Secondly, providing means to every individual to enlighten oneself by educating and studying, and paving a way to a better scientific and powerful world.

Rational education would ultimately make a man more wise and shall lead to gender quality and empowering women. Respect for all the humans and the rights to a meaningful would ultimately land into everyone's pocket.

With the eradication of poverty and lending adequate means of education, there would be a knowledgeable and a healthy world that would have the declining rates of diseases and deaths. The world would be a more aware planet with better health statistics.

With the super power of the phone, I shall make everyone aware about the importance of sustainability, providing appropriate means of life to all the individuals and paving healthy ways for the lives and livelihood.

Achieving all this with the super powers of the my personalized ASUS Zenphone, would connect the whole world, suppressing the wars and hatred, emanating and radiating peace, making everyone look surprised at the transformation and awaking them to a world beyond imagination.

The United Nations would stand surprisingly and would carry the Aladin's magic lamp and search for the power behind this incredibility that my super power Asus Zenphone would provide to this world.

And then there would be me, thanking ASUS for the #IncredibleZen!! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black in Vogue!!!!!

Black has always been eye-catching and has always been in vogue whatever the times it had been. The fact that goes with it is that black has that ever-lasting impression. It never fails to impress anyone.

Black is bold and ever-lasting. It is that magic colour, which when picked up in confusion avoids all sorts of chaos and hassles. It is classy and thus, goes around with everything and anything.

It is this time of the year again when on the eve of Raksha Bandhan, all the bachelors of the family plan out a party. We have a dress code for the party. This time me being the host, the colour code had to be undoubtedly black for girls and boys are free to be in any kind of formals. And, with black I go crazily shopping around with a handy list that is all set to be on me soon.

The five black things that I desire for the party dress-up code are :

1. Gown : The elegant and pretty looking gown for the host has to be something special that is comforting, eye-catching and glamorous. In the formals, I love dressing up in gowns, making me look slimmer and prettier.

2. High heels : With gowns, it has be heels and black high heels are a perfect combo with every kind of gown. The feet shape assumes better shapes and yes, you are taller then you usually are.

3. Nail paint : Those killer looks that when added to the make-up is something amazing. The black nail paint to those beautiful tiny fingers is something that would catch up anyone's sight over you. Then what else can be an ornament to the fingers.

4. Eye-liner : Eyes are the most attractive features a person possess. Eye-liner would be like icing on the cake, and who doesn't care about that special icing that makes you look like the queen of the event. The dark kohled eyes are a huge compliment for any event.

5. Bracelet : The tremendous fetish that I have developed till date is for the bracelets. A black bracelet with a black gown and black heels is something like hitting a jackpot. A black bracelet studded with black diamonds would be relinquished by me for ever as my brother has planned to gift it to me on Raksha Bandhan day. What better it could get than this!!

This is my exclusive dress-up style that I chose for the bachelors party and would love to rock and I would be in the best of comfort zone.

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Fumes from the Forests!!


The rays filtering, through the dust rising,
decaying the leaves, the light cascading,
raising the fragrance of the wild flowers,
the insects scurrying beneath the leaf litter,
the aroma of the pine cones and needles,
the brisking winds through the trees,
in search of smell through the fauna and flora,
the fumes through the trees of strong aroma,
rocks and rivers, streams and gorges,
the pleasant smell the shadows forges,
where grow the lichens and mosses
emitting the fumes of the dampness,
the fragrances of the sawmills,
the odour of the redwood trees,
it is the forests odors, browns and greens,
floods the  senses of the human beings.
The fragrance that flows, freely to the nostrils,
of the Sandalwoods in the long track of forests,
whirling round and around all along the miles,
floating in the winds, bearing smiles,
the water tumbles down the forests lane,
the perfume dispensers in the valleys, in the lakes,
of thousands of blossoming leaves and flowers,
Emanating from the nature are the plentiful smiles,
in the form of fragrances and the scents,
clinging upon the imagination, 
and wonders of the mankind.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stepping stones to the Great Barrier Reef with SkyScanner!!!

The Great Barrier Reef - Australia.

Marine life is something that fascinates me time and tide again.If this time I stand lucky with skyscanner, I would love to go around Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. The stretch cover of the reef is over and around 2000 kms for a round trip is a pleasant idea to explore marine life.

The colourful rainbow patterns of the reef forms thrill me each time I hear from anyone visiting them and narrating their experiences. There is whole plan layout which I have decided to have at Great Barrier Reef.

Firstly, I would go around the white sands of the WhiteHaven beach located at Whitsunday Island. From there heading to diving experiences in the reef's smooth seas, drop offs, and in the underwater tunnels near the Cairns. I would love to snorkel and dive around with the flippers and wetsuits.

Next would experience sailing with the wind from Douglas Port to the Low Isles that was discovered by the Captain Cook. There I would stop by for resort relaxation and take some sailing experiences.

From there, I would head for Rain forests. There I would go around spotting wildlife and the Bloomfield falls. I will experience the cruising down the Daintree river and visiting the Mossman Gorge. Heading to tropical and subtropical rainforests on Eungella Island located in mist-mountains would be on my itinerary. When in the nature, would take down the experience of talking with the wildlife in the Whitsunday National Park and spot the prominent species of the park.

Taking the trip forward, the important on list are the adventure sports. The Great Barrier Reef offers such great opportunities at Day Dream Island such as those of parasailing, bushwalking, boating, snorkelling, sea-kayaking, hot air balloon ride, etc. So much on the list on this trip would enrich me with the best lifetime experiences.

The planning of the trip through skycanner makes it more easy and a worthwhile experience helping in finding out the best rates for flights, accommodation, and travelling around locally.

The Travel expenses :

Flight charges : INR 65000

Accommodation Charges : INR 10000

Car hire Charges : INR 12500

Food and adventures: INR 12500

And the trip is all set!! Thankyou SkyScanner.

A perfect planner and for which I won't have to hop around several sites and travelling agents for planning out my trip. Skyscanner gives us this flexibility in planning out the trip.

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Zest UP! and say Cheers!

The supreme joys of life are in the creative life when it is filled with the various adventurous affairs. The true happiness comes with facing challenges and coming out to face the odds, and leading to new experiences.

Five of those few things that add zest to my life are :

1. Good Food :  The long working sessions in the kitchen is something that keeps me alive and zests me up everyday to hone my culinary skills. I love to experiment with the food ingredients and items and prepare delicious dishes. Trying out several designs and various serving patterns on the dining table get me more exciting. Good food is what satisfies my appetite and fills me with passion and zeal after every meal.

2. Workout sessions in the gym : Gym is my second favourite hideout after kitchen. It has its own reasons to be on second spot after cooking, since the extra calories can be burnt out even if the food on the table was highly craving and unavoidable. Workout sessions at the gym energize me and keep me active throughout the day. It makes me feel fresh and enables me to handle all of the tasks with ease. It helps me break the monotony everyday and enables me to set new standards and bars for my health and life.

3. Travelling : The planning of the adventure trips and exploring out the wildlife and nature during my travel is something that adds to the fervour and enthusiasm. They add to my energy levels and keep me fresh till the next expedition. The packing and unpacking has its own charm with the travelling. Travelling helps me unravel the mysteries of places in and out of the books, something in real, far away from the virtual land.

4. Reading : For the ones who love the art of reading and know what it is to be drenched into reading upto the last page of the books, there is nothing else that boosts up the levels of zest. It gives a whole new life while unlocking every page of the book. The various reading interests keep me alive and joyful throughout this beautiful journey of my day-to-day life.

5. Studying the sky : This is something that has a new excitement for me each day. The high beautiful sky daily has different story narrated by it with the formation of various clouds and the patterns it assumes. The movement of clouds, the different constellations, various shades, etc offer a lot to me that always keeps my level of zests of life. The sunrise skies, sunset patterns, the various shapes the sky assumes in the night, the several seasons' cycles give huge amount of excitement to the sky examiners.

Nothing comes easy in life. Life is all about zest. Zest is the secret of happiness.

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BLACK is Class!


Black is true,
entwines me in the love,
in the darkness,
that is so profound,
shields me from the unknown,
friendly and flattering,
the comfort zone,
something that is my own.

The love that I have come to inherit for the colour Black is quite famous among the people who have known me closely. It is so profound that on my birthdays and special occasions I m gifted something black. To add to my own happiness, I treat myself on my special occasions, I go around shopping and get back with something that is BLACK!!!

I already possess a lot that is black, but never the less the list is never ending. And, every now and then, there are add-ons on the list. Amongst the many lists, I always maintain a special list that would be comprising that would be all black.

Following is a list of 5 things that have a mention here.

1. Black Wardrobe : 
I am a girl, and what could be my top most priority. A special black wardrobe in my personal room at my home, that would be filled with each and everything black inside it and whose proud owner would be "I, me aur main". Yes, I wish this to be so very true on my wishlist.

2. Black Audi Q5 : 
Yes, my dream car. I would soon be gifted by my father when I fulfill the promise I made to him, and I am hopefully on the way to achieve the target. Audi, black audi, here you come soon in my garrage!

3. Black IPAD : 

Now that I m in possession of white ipad gifted by my brother, I wish had he given me a black, I would not have had this on my wishlist to have a black ipad. I m eagerly waiting for the Apple team to launch a new version of it, so that I can get a new one. Whoa! 

4. Black luxurious watch : 
A crazy person for watches that I am, I have WATCH marked upon the list permanently. Hence, my wardrobe awaits another watch, a luxurious priced possession. I usually gift myself a watch on every birthday, a lovely way to be in possession of watches, would still love to add many more! 

5. Black roses : 
This might sound unusual to many. But I love to collect black roses, and dry it out and preserve it with me! 
They have a beauty and a different story associated with each petal of the flower!

Black is class. Black is Jazzy. Black adds zest to life. Black peps up life. Black brings in life. Black is synonymous to bliss. Black is eternal. Black is mesmerizing. Black is divine. Black is soothing. Black is love. Black is beautiful. Black is BLACK!!! 

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This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

Monday, July 14, 2014

Smell of The GOD..

Fragrance of the creativity
of all that is known and unknown
in the wonderlands
of this beautiful Earth
where the God shares its belongings.

In the forms of bestowing nature
with the perching birds
in the trees, in the valleys
the humming bees
in the flowers, in the gardens.

The soaring high sky
roaring upto the zenith
with the Almighty swaying in clouds
and, the tale of the bright sun
gleaming in the eyes.

This is true of the fragrance,
that lays so near-by
of whose presence
is not a surprise
that lay limitless, boundless.

Life is a garden 
blossoming and blooming
under the God's umbrella
spraying through the jets
of perfumes and the scents.

Plenty for the needs,
punishes for the greeds,
must share and care,
for the blessings and grace
of the Lord and the God.

For everyone to relish
in the bountiful nature
relinquishing the pleasures
of the ambrosial and aromal
dispersing in the winds.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Food for everyone : with BOROSIL!

The funny food,
The lovely food,
The hunger satisfying food,
The tempting food,
Food, food, everyone's food.

Food for the kids,
Food for the old,
Food for the young,
Food for diet-conscious,
Food for everyone.

Food for rich,
Food for poor,
Food for the city dwellers,
Food for the villagers,
Food for everyone.

Food for the tall,
Food for the short,
Food for the fatty ones,
Food for the skinny,
Food for everyone.

The appetizing,
The tantalizing,
The stomach jumping,
The taste-buds craving,
For the food, food. Everyone's food.

The food servings,
The table decors,
The dishes all set,
The members all up,
For the food that will satisfy everyone.

The menu with salads,
The menu consisting dals,
of those papads and raitas,
with the different state's pickles,
and the breads and butter,
for the hunger-pangs of everyone.

The glassware from BOROSIL,
The varying dinner sets,
the bowls and the dishes,
the colourful ones,
the transparent ones
Containing the food for everyone.

The small ones,
The huge ones,
The varied shapes,
The varied sizes,
All is possible with BOROSIL,
serving food to everyone.

Food, Food.
Food for thought,
Food for hunger,
Food for satisfying,
Food for everyone.

- Nandini


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