Friday, December 13, 2013

Amongst the game of human existence!

With no undermining of virtue,
of the mighty brains,
for no one could ever, 
control the flow in the veins.

I hate that smelly stubble,
Infer and acknowledge the sours,
As that you can get rid off,
for the love- dove of yours.

Notch and scratch of the device,
the sharp-edged and the tapering,
escalate the panic that one feels,
of the tool, the infinite rasping.

Usually in the daybreak of the day,
Calling up for that another blaze,
In those units and the compartments,
and there sets the next rage.

Against all the challenging odds,
And where chasing the victory,
In the games of human existence,
Becomes the order of the day.

Averse to the ordeals,
Where the world shall view,
Turing out victorious in life,
for that is the cleaner you.

For the love to be enriched,
you' d deserve to be rewarded,
both of us to be fulfilled,
nothing shall ever be discarded.

from emptiness to soul completion,
His clean shaven look bowled me over,
freed of the adulterated clone,
to accompany life- long and not left alone.

With no undermining of virtue,
of the mighty brains,
for no one could ever, 
control the flow in the veins..

- Nandini

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

I accept the tag from Few Miles

Freeze the Breeze..err!!

Once upon a time
in a city far-far away
there lived a king Kareem
who wedded his dream queen
when once on a walk
in the night-sight
through the countryside
they stopped by a random stand
gained a bottle of the crushes
of the blackberry bacardi,
there were the calm
serene breezes passing by.
There lay a log 
where the duo settled
in the peace and the
tranquility of the nature
accompanying one another
for the strings
of the promises
bounded towards
the life and existence
chanting the melody of
the relation and the breezer
seeming all merrier
where the mysteries unveiled
and, the enigma and secrecy
on both sides discovered
where the blackberry crush
escorted them 
at those silent and
the unsaid moments,
and fulfilled the stillness
of the seconds.

- Nandini


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