Monday, June 25, 2012

Give yourself a meaning for being created!!

My "tiny" brain has minutes to spare,
Gives me a push to dare.

It presses time and again the horns,
To think far beyond the norms.

The rage continues inside,
Its inevitable to keep it aside.

It continues to sway my mind,
Keeping all the energy bind.

The voice screams "I cannot",
The silence loudens, "I can, why not".

The waves swirl around,
The motion is astound.

For some reason the embryo is fitted,
Give yourself a "meaning" for being created

About me!

"There are things known and things unknown, and in between there are doors of perception" aptly said.. I know a part of myself and then I keep lurking for those numerous unknown parts by reinventing and rediscovering..

An Alumnus at DPS R.K.Puram, New Delhi.. had the most interesting times of my life.. spent a beautiful hostel life filled with experiences of learning and losing.. then a Computer Science Engineering student at MD University, Rohtak, thereafter, graduated and turned into a professional Software Engineer.. lets see what's destined to happen further, efforts no doubt are must..

On drifting towards my hobbies account, I love reading, dancing (alone :P) on loud music, writing poetry and all that comes to my "Tiny Brain", listening to music, podcasting, talking to myself as the best.. I love playing cricket, spent years learning it from my uncle (well known cricekter of his times, captained the State's team), basketball and then not to feel low about LUDO n Carrom. I love and enjoy whatever I do..

I personally believe that one needs to find the inner self that one owes, built trust onto oneself, and then set on the journey to make things happen and workout in a better way.. opting for the things I love and I do, I feel recreation n relaxation through blogging provides me to explore the better side.

Everyone is special in their own ways, and I am on-way to find mine! Wish me all the luck and success.
Thankyou. :)

Nandini Garg

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