Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It Does Hurt, at times, it does!!!

I'm stunned,
dazed by the stuff and matter,
the matter that one does not
long and pray for anyone.

The so called entity is infliction,
botheration or may be nuisance
just rendered merely
by some utterances.

Felt affront and
aggravated and broken
from the internal sights,
lent due to a wacky remark.

felt constrained,
compelled, with all
could opine and reckon
is that afflicts and loss.

Shall it put a halt,
or might flow with the continuity,
All of it banks upon understanding,
a blaze of a ludicrous alibi,
or may be an exculpation.

Life Has A Role To Play!

Far and far I tried to reach
But never could keep my silence asleep.
For better or for worse I did not know
That I had to surrender all my needs.

Time to time I came across
The different versions
Of all I knew, but never ever I thought
Of the roles that were kept for few.

Thinking of all the colours of life
As to how it turns into black and white.
Such strange roles do we all perform
That we don’t come to know as to when our parts are over after all.

The image we portray is familiar to all
But no one knows the pretentious of it all.
As another fact of life that comes our way.
We know our parts are not meant for all, by the way!

I play my part and go forward but something upholds me from behind,
Why can’t I rise, why can’t I laugh?
Is this how I am going to play my role?
I know you all are full of surprises and you have something stored in, for all

But one thing that always comes to my mind
If I am one of them all?!
Never said a word, sulked in silence,
Ever thought as to why?

The only answer was the river never stops
And always continues to sway.
What you are in life hardly ever matters,
What you think doesn’t as well.

Don’t believe as to what I say
You might get a better role than me to play.
Here are your chances, here are your goals.
Don’t surrender for the sake of all.

Choose your path, choose your goal
As there are many who don’t ever get to play a role.
Take an oath, take a path.
Lead the others and never follow blind.

Sincerity and patience is all that you need
As life is nothing but what you want it to be.
Be a fighter, stand with pride.
You are the lucky one
Who’s got two chances in life!!

The Weight Of Destiny!

Some hands become treaties
That seal the fate of two nations,
Or the course of a river.
Some become weapons
Against the creativity of a questioning child.
Some become fly swatters
During a summer political gathering.
The same become applause
At the end of a speech
And also a beggar’s shame at
A traffic signal.

Hands, become starved desert
And hands become gobblers
That feed a parched soul.
A few become inkwells
That hold a pen all their lives.
Dancers to the music of words,
Lollipops, thermometers,
Gravels, sound amplifiers,
Tools for teenage pleasure
Amazement in a poetry night,
Respect in the battlefield,
Prayer in a temple,
Followed by an offering
And a blessing.

But, what is it,
Pasted on all these hands?

Is it the weight of destiny, or
Merely the depth of poetry
Of the Gods?

The Casting Shadows!!

When you are alone,
isolated from life,
there’s always someone with you,
always ignored albeit tightly bound,
knows your deepest secrets,
what’s right, and what’s true.

Born in the light,
though in darkness it lives.
engulfed in the dark,
though on light it thrives.
as the day wears out it grows taller.
fades in and out unaffected by the lives.

Stepped upon,
run over, it’s invincible,
no matter how much you suffer,
it imitates without pain,
silence amusement,
in every strife and climb – it is tougher.

Shadow of the sun plays,
with the shadow of the moon,
numerous shadows sleep,
under the shadow of the stars.
at nightfall as doors close into sleep,
the shadows combine, casting darkness in war.

Better, With Your Own Self.

Perhaps, every person is ought and bound to have dreams, some desires for which one wishes to achieve them with all the efforts and dedication. The dreams in most cases are challenges before oneself. And the only person who knows about them is only the person itself and not anyone else. And so one must get out and accomplish them with the wits and intelligence.
Its not that everyone will understand you.. Its not even that people who care for you the most will understand you.. Also, not everyone can see you facing the challenges, conquering the best or may be the worst. Expecting, is definitely not bad, but then with expectations, there comes dependence, and the person starts giving a part of oneself to others. There are possibilities of deflection and getting distracted, but that doesn't actually help out in the long run.
No one shall help you fulfill your dreams, you need to step ahead, cut through, flow out freely and make your own way. My unreasonable OR irrational OR illogical aspirations definitely give me the reasons to carry on myself towards fulfilling them!! might be a better way to live or may be better means to survive!!

Its always what you aim for and strive towards achieving them, in that case, no one governs you, and you are your own master. One needs to gain the courage, step out and make the best use of one's power and strength in the right and apt direction.


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