Thursday, September 27, 2012

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect is what beings yearn for,
that should be a concern for sapiens to lure.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect the creatures not with an urge of return,
The lessons that are mandatory to be learnt.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect the nature and its beauty,
That is how everyone is ought to perform duty.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!
Respect the peers and seers,
They shall guide to absorb the fears.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect cannot be taken forcibly
One ought to work on it deliberately.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

- Nandini Garg

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Amorphous Laid

Straightened intricately
Over the amorphous laid
Lure and allure on,
Mere chuckling enticements
Rapacious, intently for holy mantle,
The orisons that drive out
From shucking belly
For salvaging the illumination,
Curved over the outlying firmament
Plunged by the sedulous mist,
Pervades, those pellucid cupola,
And azureous brine.
The redemption suppressed
Be rewarding and not
The rescuing elegance conferred
By scarlet covered angel,
Cataclysm and ruined with the injuries
Hammered below the beseeching hands
The toxicity expanding
With the being’s crooked state.
Wretched canonize
Ineradicable in the impious poise
Constrained, darkened and eclipsed
Where agony resides and dwells.

- Nandini Garg

Friday, September 14, 2012

Acrostic : Melbourne's defined!!

Australia is one of the most likely and desired destinations of people across the world. The reasons are plenty for this favour, one could be the ecstasy that it has got to offer. This small continent alone has a so much to offer on its list, with so many beautiful cities located in its vicinity with examples ranging from Sydney to Adelaide, Canberra to Melbourne, etc. Out of all these destinations, Melbourne being the most desired locations filled with adventures to experience and fulfilling the fun-n-frolics need. The city is lively throughout, proudly known as the culture-capital-city of the continent.

Melbourne Cricket Ground has loads to offer the myriads of exquisitely experiences, that would fill one with the desires to have the cricket and soccer experiences in the most eloquent manner.

Expressions of humans as it said, with the shopping arcades all round, the city is filled with locutions of all the varied forms. The weather permits all best moods that would swing into it. The charm of the city is on high all the 24 hours in a day.

Livable city as it is popularly known worldwide that could give adrenaline rush to any person visiting. Anyone would fall in love with the culture of the city.

Beach-life speaks of itself with beautiful beaches. The very though of relaxing and freshening at those beaches is delightful. Sun-baths, swimming spots, bathing huts provide the lifetime experience. The beach-sights are pprfoundly beautiful.

Offers lifetime memories to be captured that one could cherish for the rest of life. The times spent with the natives gets you along the city well. The literature, art forms, education, music, etc has its own charm throughout.

Universities that are listed as one of the best across the world with plenty of opportunities. They education the human minds in a splendid and practical manner. Students worldwide carry a dream to study and enroll with these universities.

Refreshing as it is to tour the city, be it for a day or two, or any number of days. The city talks alive to you all the time. The city shows are so exciting that they freshen up the viewers and give them a whole new view point of living life. The hope and fun provided through them is exquisite.

Nerve replenishing experience it is to be in the city of most exciting adventures of wildlife, biking, rafting, safari rides, etc are numerous. The city always has a lot to offer in all the seasons throughout the year.

Experiences that are in heavy amounts to bring back, that give enlightening experiences and memories. Markets, shopping, extravaganza, a lot more.. 

The Melbourne city has a lot to offer on its list. I have found and gathered a lot of memories in this city and now it's your time to visit Melbourne and explore the city.

To explore more of this place, log on to the following website :
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