Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Foreign Govern!

Evil impulses,
alien power over to
the governing brains.

- Nandini Garg

Inspired by : Haiku Heights

The purity of a relation!

The Friend, the need,
The Love answered.
The feelings sown,
The reaper's love profound.
Seeking for the hours to live,
to fill the needs and
not the emptiness.
The sweetness of the souls,
The pleasure of happiness.
Of all of God's wonder creations,
the souls continual processes.
In the spirits of joy,
cultivating the seeds of smiles.
The sounds of share and care,
Heard here and there..

In the dew of those tiny things
The heart finds its re-freshened dawn. 

P.S : Marriage is a pious and pure bond. Love or arranged are human-made perceptions. Lets keep them clear and head towards the purity of relations that binds together the soul-mates!

- Nandini Garg

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Running Amidst!!

Things happen and things change,
being surrounded by the crowd,
making attempts to run quicker,
And that makes me stand still in the crowd.

The empty pages catch up all the glare,
left blank and then still full of matter,
the power to convince and conquer over the mindsets,
setting the forgotten corners into the search process.

Screening through the torn clippings,
Made me lost to somewhere, anything,
Endlessly searching in the shambles,
that would lead to somewhere.

That might remind of home or related issues,
Dont let that luxurious lifestyle fade away,
Walk away with sense and pride,
With smiles and dreams beyond.

- Nandini Garg


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