Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Remnants!!

 Imagine of the day
Not far away
In the obscurity of the future.
The Sun will set and rise
The tide will come in and go out
The seasons will change
But the birds will
Neither fly south for the winter
Nor return in the spring.
Caterpillars wont transform
Into the butterflies,
All because the inevitable
Would have happened.
We’d be rendered helpless
And in our helplessness
Shall succumbed to death
With the rest of life on earth. 

- by : Nandini Garg


  1. Nice one, Nandini. :) What was that 'inevitable' you were referring to?

    1. Thanks Akshay. :)
      The 'inevitable' refers to all those things that cannot be avoided and are bound to happen or have happened.
      Anything and everything, on the way.



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