Saturday, July 21, 2012

the tale Of the long Tresses!!

It started Innocently enough.
He was playing
with my long dark hair
And I felt him freeze.
when he marked
"You have a grey hair"
he announced.
"Hang on,
more than one".
That was it.
I started scrabbling
through my hair locks
trying to find the offending ones
and yank them out.
I have a-LOT of hair,
so I figured
I could pull a few out
without any repercussions.
I swear,
they have a mind
of their own.
First they grew randomly.
Then they started growing
all along the parting,
bold as one might like.
I changed my parting
to the other side.
So did the greys.
All my friends offered advice:
"Dont pull them out
they grow back wiry and faster"
O Yeah yeah WHATEVER.
Last night,
I was combing
through my locks
determinedly yanking
out the grey ones,
and I actually caught one
in the act of turning grey
in front of me.
But I will have this last frown.
I've always wanted to do it
And the upkeep
would be fruitful.
Now I have the perfect reason to
cherishing and merrymaking
who else can be responsible
DOVE is all that made the reviving possible
I'm gonna go surround
with the long and thick locks
Long Silky hair,
Beautiful, Love it,
The feel, So smooth,
Flows in the breeze,
Just the way,
I like it!
and that was an end to my hair problems...

This post is part of a contest My Beautiful Hair Story on Indiblogger, sponsored by Dove.
For more info check out: Dove Hair-Aware App


  1. Lovely poem... all the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thankyou @Passey Sir! :)
      The best wishes to you too!

  2. I think this is the first only poetry post I have seen on this topic. Good job! Good luck!

  3. Lovely poem, realistically told. All the best for the contest. :)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation and wishes Akshay! :)

  4. Beautiful poem and I agree with Akshay, it sounds very realistic. Good Luck Nandini!

    1. Thanks Saru! Great to see those *words* of appreciation coming from you!

  5. wow Nandini -beautiful poem as beautiful as you - and your hair...wink...;)

    1. Thanks Elli. It is so sweet, since its coming from you! :)



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