Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i lay dead with open eyes

"I found solace. Rather, I wanted to be your child." says the inner voice of Riya.
"But why?" father whispers.
Perplexity exists within Riya.
"I wonder what actually happened, that you quite decided to quit on me."
The father stays quiet.
"As soon as I began to realize myself, set my feet outside of the comfort zone, began to trace my existence,  you planned on to leave me. I am still in that tender developmental and growth stage."
"I jut began to mingle with friends, that went un-noticed. How could that be justfied, father ?"
"I see how brutally the mother is treated all the times. She has served you selflessly whole throughout her life, kindly treat her with warmth and care."
"Where did my mistake lie?"
"I was not at fault, father"
"I tried to reveal out the fear within me to you and to maa, but none of you paid me a heed. I begged you to listen."
"The society's taunts made you to take me my life from me and now you walk away all alone with me on your back."
The girl was molested and pestered. Father took her life. At first, she was cursed and jinxed and then her own family takes her own life.

P.S : This is where the Society faces the scarcity, in the broadening of mindedness. It was not the girl's fallacy. One's own family at times fails to understand and support in the times when it is required. The conditions are getting worse.
The country like our own sees so many cases of child abuse. Let the good prevail and have an end marked to these unjust acts.

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  1. In the pic, it looks more like a boy.
    But a nice interpretation anyways. I had to read it a few times to understand what you were trying to get through, but it was worth the effort !

  2. nice expressions, could be better but still it justifies the pic. For me the pic says a lot of about unwanted migrations not child abuse. But I really appreciate your work !

  3. That was very deep and thought provoking. I loved the depth of your writing. A very meaningful post and an important one too. Very nicely written. :)

  4. The picture is so consuming, as if it has a life of its own :) Beautiful

  5. A society that fails its children, has failed entirely. India cannot afford to remain in denial about child abuse any longer. Corrective measures are essential.

    Very nice post nandini :)



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