Friday, July 13, 2012

i Flaunt The Precious!

Softened as muslin, coruscate with dew,
Subtle yellow to that scarlet red,
Can sedate one and behold my hue,
Outlining the scenery, tall and erect.

My feather-light wings merrily flutter,
In the finest gowns is the earth draped,
Spotted and smooth, bud to bud as I hover,
The vistas of beauty are preciously entrapped.

Hear the leaves rustle and the gushing sound,
Glimmers with silver at night, golden at noon,
The foliage is green and the thicket brown,
The glint of the sun and beam of the moon.

Of fallen petals, flawless and idyllic,
The grand canvas is kaleidoscopic.

- Nandini Garg



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