Thursday, July 26, 2012

Convention : No, not always!

It is rather needless to say,
times come and go,
it is required to cross the bay,
to it one shall always owe.

The hurdles are bound to be laid,
there learning from the mistakes,
And no point getting afraid,
leaving warned by the mates.

Let those 'tiny' brains be unlocked,
Happy moments cannot always be cherishing,
Pointless is losing a sector of clock,
Unless one has met the lowly disheartening.

Stand out and speak your sacrilege,
Hardly a man considers his rationality a privilege.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Touch!

Of that immense feel
In those shades of meaning
Tangled into time.

- Nandini Garg

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i lay dead with open eyes

"I found solace. Rather, I wanted to be your child." says the inner voice of Riya.
"But why?" father whispers.
Perplexity exists within Riya.
"I wonder what actually happened, that you quite decided to quit on me."
The father stays quiet.
"As soon as I began to realize myself, set my feet outside of the comfort zone, began to trace my existence,  you planned on to leave me. I am still in that tender developmental and growth stage."
"I jut began to mingle with friends, that went un-noticed. How could that be justfied, father ?"
"I see how brutally the mother is treated all the times. She has served you selflessly whole throughout her life, kindly treat her with warmth and care."
"Where did my mistake lie?"
"I was not at fault, father"
"I tried to reveal out the fear within me to you and to maa, but none of you paid me a heed. I begged you to listen."
"The society's taunts made you to take me my life from me and now you walk away all alone with me on your back."
The girl was molested and pestered. Father took her life. At first, she was cursed and jinxed and then her own family takes her own life.

P.S : This is where the Society faces the scarcity, in the broadening of mindedness. It was not the girl's fallacy. One's own family at times fails to understand and support in the times when it is required. The conditions are getting worse.
The country like our own sees so many cases of child abuse. Let the good prevail and have an end marked to these unjust acts.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

i Flaunt The Precious!

Softened as muslin, coruscate with dew,
Subtle yellow to that scarlet red,
Can sedate one and behold my hue,
Outlining the scenery, tall and erect.

My feather-light wings merrily flutter,
In the finest gowns is the earth draped,
Spotted and smooth, bud to bud as I hover,
The vistas of beauty are preciously entrapped.

Hear the leaves rustle and the gushing sound,
Glimmers with silver at night, golden at noon,
The foliage is green and the thicket brown,
The glint of the sun and beam of the moon.

Of fallen petals, flawless and idyllic,
The grand canvas is kaleidoscopic.

- Nandini Garg

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Remnants!!

 Imagine of the day
Not far away
In the obscurity of the future.
The Sun will set and rise
The tide will come in and go out
The seasons will change
But the birds will
Neither fly south for the winter
Nor return in the spring.
Caterpillars wont transform
Into the butterflies,
All because the inevitable
Would have happened.
We’d be rendered helpless
And in our helplessness
Shall succumbed to death
With the rest of life on earth. 

- by : Nandini Garg


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