Saturday, June 16, 2012

Of Love and Death : Review of "Bloodline" by Sidney Sheldon

Title : Bloodline
Author : Sidney Sheldon
Genre : Mystery, Crime Fiction

Quickly-paced and trapping over with the elicit conversations, set on to have an exciting and thrilling full roller coaster ride in the pages, one after the other. And then the ride would suddenly stop somewhere at the highest point, and then realizing the halt at the ride, giving an assumption that the ride has come to an end.

Everyone dreams of inheriting and carrying the legacy forward of huge assets. Here, Elizabeth too dreams of the same, but for her the scene turns out in a different manner. She is heir of her super-millionaire father. Her not-so-loving father departs off the world on a vacation. He meets a mysterious death. Elizabeth decides upon to take over her father's set-up and on the shares, which according to him weren't supposed to be made public. She is convinced that someone is somewhere planning out on her to take over the money and her luck, which would even mean ending her life.

The attempts being made on her to kill and take off her life finally make her decide to sell of the shares of her father. Elizabeth blossoms into a confident lady, but the male dominance does not lead her to success. The mystery story keeps a good suspense till the end. A little confusing end when Elec was known, and the cousins part unsolved mystery.

A good read, that might get confusing at times. Sheldon does justice to his books, and here with Bloodline, he did it again! Have a pleasant read with the book.

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