Saturday, June 23, 2012

Delhi Sutras : Simply e-Wroughtic!

The Indian Bloggers league (IBL 2012) is a professional league carrying the tagline - "Battle of blogs" for the bloggers in India. The inaugural season consists of 8 teams namely Delhi, Bangalore, Ahemdabad, Pune, Bombay, Chennai, Patna and Kolkata.

I represent team Delhi - Delhi Sutras!and here I go introducing it..

The IBL team Delhi carrying the name : Delhi Sutras - Simply e-Wroughtic is composed of dedicated bloggers who are committed to blogging and providing excellent content to the readers — and who are ready to roar the inaugural season of IBL 2012 (Indian Bloggers League).

The team Delhi consists of the talented 16 bloggers participating with one reserve star shot in IBL 2012. Every member of the team is important in their own way. The team-spirit is high and co-ordination is undoubtedly tremendous.

The timely commitments to the works assigned to members in the team, targeted and prepare to turn out bright is what describes "Delhi Sutras" as the best.

The team Logo for Delhi Sutras :

The representatives of Delhi Sutras are :
1. Priyanka Dey
    Blog : Live Love Believe...
2. Nandini Garg
3. Arvind Passey
    Blog : The Real Fiction
4. Rickie Khosla
5. Akanksha Dureja
    Blog : Direct Dil Se
6. Shashank Kumar
    Blog : Shocky's Journal
7. Aabha Midha
    Blog : Daffodils
8. Shashank Aggarwal
    Blog : Eatlo Blog
9. Mayuri Chaoji
    Blog : In Between Voids
10. Animesh Ganguly
      Blog : Penning Down The Mind 
11. Gv Sparx
      Blog : Gv Sparx 
12. V J Sharma
      Blog : Photo Journey
13. Amritt Rukhaiyaar
      Blog : Passion Beyond Reality 
14. Aalooran Rahman Bora
      Blog : Petrichor 
15. Niharika Tagotra
      Blog : Dreamer's Paradise 
16. Subhojit Goswami
      Blog : Metheobserver 
17. Sangeeta Khanna (Reserve Shot)
      Blog : HomeAlone

All The Best mates.
You are"Simply e-Wroughtic!!

- Nandini Garg
   (Team Delhi)


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    This post is a much needed one... thanks. :)



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