Sunday, June 17, 2012

And The World Changed!

Approaching towards the aim matters,
Turn and twist,
And the world seems changed.
Some things clashing,
And the others turning down,
The others touching,
Heights and glories.
Some part of optimism,
Shall lay down the path,
For the unsolved mysteries.
The craziness would creep in,
Since it is all that,
Runs in the head.
Images of memories come across,
The bad times might,
Leave a haunted mark,
That would step into thoughts,
And thereby the time moves on.
So did I decide to,
Look into my eyes,
Which were all empty,
And left me frozen from inside.
The heavy winds blew,
carrying away the fallen leaves,
Wishing someone carried away me too,
And I would turn around,
To see the world changed.


  1. one of best works Nandini....kudos girl....keep writing:)



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