Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Sail Across!

Start to sail till end
Pledge to befriend and care
And love lives.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Give yourself a meaning for being created!!

My "tiny" brain has minutes to spare,
Gives me a push to dare.

It presses time and again the horns,
To think far beyond the norms.

The rage continues inside,
Its inevitable to keep it aside.

It continues to sway my mind,
Keeping all the energy bind.

The voice screams "I cannot",
The silence loudens, "I can, why not".

The waves swirl around,
The motion is astound.

For some reason the embryo is fitted,
Give yourself a "meaning" for being created

About me!

"There are things known and things unknown, and in between there are doors of perception" aptly said.. I know a part of myself and then I keep lurking for those numerous unknown parts by reinventing and rediscovering..

An Alumnus at DPS R.K.Puram, New Delhi.. had the most interesting times of my life.. spent a beautiful hostel life filled with experiences of learning and losing.. then a Computer Science Engineering student at MD University, Rohtak, thereafter, graduated and turned into a professional Software Engineer.. lets see what's destined to happen further, efforts no doubt are must..

On drifting towards my hobbies account, I love reading, dancing (alone :P) on loud music, writing poetry and all that comes to my "Tiny Brain", listening to music, podcasting, talking to myself as the best.. I love playing cricket, spent years learning it from my uncle (well known cricekter of his times, captained the State's team), basketball and then not to feel low about LUDO n Carrom. I love and enjoy whatever I do..

I personally believe that one needs to find the inner self that one owes, built trust onto oneself, and then set on the journey to make things happen and workout in a better way.. opting for the things I love and I do, I feel recreation n relaxation through blogging provides me to explore the better side.

Everyone is special in their own ways, and I am on-way to find mine! Wish me all the luck and success.
Thankyou. :)

Nandini Garg

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You can reach me at :
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road to success!

Sufferings are tough and hard
Stars do shine even when its dark
Create memories, leave their mark.

Me and my Ego clash!

The surety that I owe
If I am to move in life
Need to make a go.

There lays ETERNITY!

Just a minute the clock ticks,
Refusal cannot be denied,
Sixty seconds fit into it
Forced upon thy.

Its upto one to make,
Its just that minute is tiny,
The best use lead to cutting of cake,
Can make the hours shiny.

Their lies the eternity,
Give an account,
That fixes so well the serenity,
Climb the mount.

Check to the maximum bit
Make me feel low, if I abuse it.

Delhi Sutras : Simply e-Wroughtic!

The Indian Bloggers league (IBL 2012) is a professional league carrying the tagline - "Battle of blogs" for the bloggers in India. The inaugural season consists of 8 teams namely Delhi, Bangalore, Ahemdabad, Pune, Bombay, Chennai, Patna and Kolkata.

I represent team Delhi - Delhi Sutras!and here I go introducing it..

The IBL team Delhi carrying the name : Delhi Sutras - Simply e-Wroughtic is composed of dedicated bloggers who are committed to blogging and providing excellent content to the readers — and who are ready to roar the inaugural season of IBL 2012 (Indian Bloggers League).

The team Delhi consists of the talented 16 bloggers participating with one reserve star shot in IBL 2012. Every member of the team is important in their own way. The team-spirit is high and co-ordination is undoubtedly tremendous.

The timely commitments to the works assigned to members in the team, targeted and prepare to turn out bright is what describes "Delhi Sutras" as the best.

The team Logo for Delhi Sutras :

The representatives of Delhi Sutras are :
1. Priyanka Dey
    Blog : Live Love Believe...
2. Nandini Garg
3. Arvind Passey
    Blog : The Real Fiction
4. Rickie Khosla
5. Akanksha Dureja
    Blog : Direct Dil Se
6. Shashank Kumar
    Blog : Shocky's Journal
7. Aabha Midha
    Blog : Daffodils
8. Shashank Aggarwal
    Blog : Eatlo Blog
9. Mayuri Chaoji
    Blog : In Between Voids
10. Animesh Ganguly
      Blog : Penning Down The Mind 
11. Gv Sparx
      Blog : Gv Sparx 
12. V J Sharma
      Blog : Photo Journey
13. Amritt Rukhaiyaar
      Blog : Passion Beyond Reality 
14. Aalooran Rahman Bora
      Blog : Petrichor 
15. Niharika Tagotra
      Blog : Dreamer's Paradise 
16. Subhojit Goswami
      Blog : Metheobserver 
17. Sangeeta Khanna (Reserve Shot)
      Blog : HomeAlone

All The Best mates.
You are"Simply e-Wroughtic!!

- Nandini Garg
   (Team Delhi)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thanks! :D

Too many people around
thanks and services offered to them
too little space around.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The step ahead!

Threads woven to strings
motions and movements lead to path
laid down towards the destined.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

And The World Changed!

Approaching towards the aim matters,
Turn and twist,
And the world seems changed.
Some things clashing,
And the others turning down,
The others touching,
Heights and glories.
Some part of optimism,
Shall lay down the path,
For the unsolved mysteries.
The craziness would creep in,
Since it is all that,
Runs in the head.
Images of memories come across,
The bad times might,
Leave a haunted mark,
That would step into thoughts,
And thereby the time moves on.
So did I decide to,
Look into my eyes,
Which were all empty,
And left me frozen from inside.
The heavy winds blew,
carrying away the fallen leaves,
Wishing someone carried away me too,
And I would turn around,
To see the world changed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Of Love and Death : Review of "Bloodline" by Sidney Sheldon

Title : Bloodline
Author : Sidney Sheldon
Genre : Mystery, Crime Fiction

Quickly-paced and trapping over with the elicit conversations, set on to have an exciting and thrilling full roller coaster ride in the pages, one after the other. And then the ride would suddenly stop somewhere at the highest point, and then realizing the halt at the ride, giving an assumption that the ride has come to an end.

Everyone dreams of inheriting and carrying the legacy forward of huge assets. Here, Elizabeth too dreams of the same, but for her the scene turns out in a different manner. She is heir of her super-millionaire father. Her not-so-loving father departs off the world on a vacation. He meets a mysterious death. Elizabeth decides upon to take over her father's set-up and on the shares, which according to him weren't supposed to be made public. She is convinced that someone is somewhere planning out on her to take over the money and her luck, which would even mean ending her life.

The attempts being made on her to kill and take off her life finally make her decide to sell of the shares of her father. Elizabeth blossoms into a confident lady, but the male dominance does not lead her to success. The mystery story keeps a good suspense till the end. A little confusing end when Elec was known, and the cousins part unsolved mystery.

A good read, that might get confusing at times. Sheldon does justice to his books, and here with Bloodline, he did it again! Have a pleasant read with the book.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is it just the "PEN" that is mightier ? NO!!

The papers on which 'pen' writes on do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The query arises as to why the paper is deprived of its credits.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The paper is not really praised for its actual worth.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

It is not that the paper's value was null.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The hands that hold on the pen do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The brain that directs the hands to pen down do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The body cells n tissues that work in unison to write do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The surroundings that make the environment  do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?


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