Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Need : The Rise

All of us can make something good... And doing your share and doing my share can change the future of this generation. How can poverty exist if its just a matter of policy? This would be the thought that would have crossed each of the minds as this question comes up. Is the shining India ready for, who are educated and eager for a revolution ?

India, can you hear me ?
It is indeed our foremost duty as youth of challenging today to be benefited and take advantage of all the opportunities that we can get to enhance and develop ourselves and acquire better awareness and understanding. I believe that everyone out in the land is destined for something greater than themselves. That is why I would be delighted and thereby like to encourage everyone to take into heart all of the things what they learn from all the great men (and women too). I wish they motivate and help in realizing what potential you possess and the capability of the many things and that you can make landmarks in your own ways. As what they aptly say, a thousand miles journey begins with a step. May those efforts now be a step forward into realizing the desires and goals, and may it be a step up as well for you take challenges for you to be the person you ought to be.

In-fact, if there were new discoveries, new inventions, new ideas, new innovations, instead of the same old methods and ways of accomplishing it, and same doubts and challenges in the end, why don't we look at a new technique, the way we can attack it ? We want to look at something that is little difficult, energized, something new and livelihood. How can merely a few groups of passionate individuals with technical backgrounds (business, engineering, etc) change the lives of people.

Seeing a threat, or a potential solution about it and then not doing anything about it, is merely ignorance. Letting free flow of corruption, enabling all of these things to come in between them and what a human potential is.. or even being a citizen, doing something for the society. If you allow millions of these people to live in sticks and sheets, then its only ethically right that we look for a way to make it better. The point is how do we make these livings better?

Ok. inturn, it depends on how people decide on to apply mindsets and its skills – and whether they make wise and smarty conclusions and address the genuine needs – that makes the difference ultimately.

Be bold enough to try the new, because in the end , impossible is not a fact, it’s just an opinion.


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