Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will The Youth Ever Consider Politics as a Career?

Albert Einstein very aptly remarked, “All of us who are concerned for peace and triumph of reason and justice must be keenly aware how small an influence reason and honest good will exert upon events in the political field.”

During the days of India’s struggle for independence, the youth’s participation in politics deemed synonymous with their involvement in the pious cause of attaining freedom from the British despot. The youth imbued with the desire to achieve freedom, gave themselves in many thousands into the turbulence of revolutionary politics. They were highly justified in sacrificing their lives at the altar of political freedom of the country.

Youth as a generation is becoming highly aware of its social power now-a-days. Attention by the media and other advertisers have increased the generation gap between the mature and the young.

Information technology, computer science, medicine, bio-technology, research, civil services, management and media- with these areas emerging hot career options and the world of glamour and the fast bucks luring them — the very question that haunts and strikes is whether the youth considers politics as a career option? A big NO-NO… At least the section of youth that interacted with The Times Of India survey team said that they wanted nothing to do with the politics. This definitely does not mean that youth should completely keep themselves totally aloof from the political situations of the surrounding. They must discuss on the issues and provide healthy solutions thereto.

Youth in politics is the most accepted welcome change because for a youth nothing is actually impossible. Time has come for the young people who are willing to make a mark in the democratic system of our country without any selfish motives. That will be the change that many of us will welcome with open hands and open minds. A vibrant India with youthful ideas and fearless actions. Young India for the young future.

Youth marginalization, if it is indeed true as so many claim that they are becoming increasingly disengaged, is the fault of a perpetual cycle whereby the youth feel disconnected from current events due to lack of assistance and guidance, lack of experience, and lack of adequate knowledge, which causes them to be less likely to get involved, and then politicians catch on to the trend of what they think as youth disinterest in politics, which causes them to largely ignore the youth category in their political campaigns.

Youth of today has the potential to change the current trend of politics not only in India but also around the globe. However, the biggest question is how the youth will get entry into it. Youth have the potential to offer a vastly untapped source of vitality, strength, fresh ideas, innovation and innocence that could refresh politics in a completely new way and provide new shape to the globe.

It is of vital placement that the strength of future development a nation has, is a sole function of its youth.

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  1. In the pre-independence days the goal was clear, noble. There were role models to follow. Youth joined politics in thousands. But in the current environment neither the goal is clear nor are there any role models.
    Also over the last few decades we have become so materialistic that abstract things like sacrifice, etc do not entice the youth.
    Nice, thought provoking post.



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