Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Casting Shadows!!

When you are alone,
isolated from life,
there’s always someone with you,
always ignored albeit tightly bound,
knows your deepest secrets,
what’s right, and what’s true.

Born in the light,
though in darkness it lives.
engulfed in the dark,
though on light it thrives.
as the day wears out it grows taller.
fades in and out unaffected by the lives.

Stepped upon,
run over, it’s invincible,
no matter how much you suffer,
it imitates without pain,
silence amusement,
in every strife and climb – it is tougher.

Shadow of the sun plays,
with the shadow of the moon,
numerous shadows sleep,
under the shadow of the stars.
at nightfall as doors close into sleep,
the shadows combine, casting darkness in war.



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