Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better, With Your Own Self.

Perhaps, every person is ought and bound to have dreams, some desires for which one wishes to achieve them with all the efforts and dedication. The dreams in most cases are challenges before oneself. And the only person who knows about them is only the person itself and not anyone else. And so one must get out and accomplish them with the wits and intelligence.
Its not that everyone will understand you.. Its not even that people who care for you the most will understand you.. Also, not everyone can see you facing the challenges, conquering the best or may be the worst. Expecting, is definitely not bad, but then with expectations, there comes dependence, and the person starts giving a part of oneself to others. There are possibilities of deflection and getting distracted, but that doesn't actually help out in the long run.
No one shall help you fulfill your dreams, you need to step ahead, cut through, flow out freely and make your own way. My unreasonable OR irrational OR illogical aspirations definitely give me the reasons to carry on myself towards fulfilling them!! might be a better way to live or may be better means to survive!!

Its always what you aim for and strive towards achieving them, in that case, no one governs you, and you are your own master. One needs to gain the courage, step out and make the best use of one's power and strength in the right and apt direction.

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