Thursday, October 18, 2012

Of The Inopportune!

(Painting by : Subrata Gangopadhyay.)

An anomalous human
By merely the shadow
Haggard with an apple
Hunchback to carry
Oblivious of the world
Contemplating around

Beside the murmuring
Reminiscent of bygone days
Of the self-assured gaze

The glories are thrilling
The years passed

The new face sprouted
Ready to be replaced

Old and withered
Agile and robustness lost.
The only remains

Are of the self-esteem
Lost in the world of
Pride and aplomb.

- Nandini Garg

Note : This poetry won 5th prize in the Ekphrasis Poetry writing contest -2.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect is what beings yearn for,
that should be a concern for sapiens to lure.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect the creatures not with an urge of return,
The lessons that are mandatory to be learnt.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect the nature and its beauty,
That is how everyone is ought to perform duty.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!
Respect the peers and seers,
They shall guide to absorb the fears.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

Respect cannot be taken forcibly
One ought to work on it deliberately.

Respect : Don't Beg, Earn instead!!

- Nandini Garg

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Amorphous Laid

Straightened intricately
Over the amorphous laid
Lure and allure on,
Mere chuckling enticements
Rapacious, intently for holy mantle,
The orisons that drive out
From shucking belly
For salvaging the illumination,
Curved over the outlying firmament
Plunged by the sedulous mist,
Pervades, those pellucid cupola,
And azureous brine.
The redemption suppressed
Be rewarding and not
The rescuing elegance conferred
By scarlet covered angel,
Cataclysm and ruined with the injuries
Hammered below the beseeching hands
The toxicity expanding
With the being’s crooked state.
Wretched canonize
Ineradicable in the impious poise
Constrained, darkened and eclipsed
Where agony resides and dwells.

- Nandini Garg

Friday, September 14, 2012

Acrostic : Melbourne's defined!!

Australia is one of the most likely and desired destinations of people across the world. The reasons are plenty for this favour, one could be the ecstasy that it has got to offer. This small continent alone has a so much to offer on its list, with so many beautiful cities located in its vicinity with examples ranging from Sydney to Adelaide, Canberra to Melbourne, etc. Out of all these destinations, Melbourne being the most desired locations filled with adventures to experience and fulfilling the fun-n-frolics need. The city is lively throughout, proudly known as the culture-capital-city of the continent.

Melbourne Cricket Ground has loads to offer the myriads of exquisitely experiences, that would fill one with the desires to have the cricket and soccer experiences in the most eloquent manner.

Expressions of humans as it said, with the shopping arcades all round, the city is filled with locutions of all the varied forms. The weather permits all best moods that would swing into it. The charm of the city is on high all the 24 hours in a day.

Livable city as it is popularly known worldwide that could give adrenaline rush to any person visiting. Anyone would fall in love with the culture of the city.

Beach-life speaks of itself with beautiful beaches. The very though of relaxing and freshening at those beaches is delightful. Sun-baths, swimming spots, bathing huts provide the lifetime experience. The beach-sights are pprfoundly beautiful.

Offers lifetime memories to be captured that one could cherish for the rest of life. The times spent with the natives gets you along the city well. The literature, art forms, education, music, etc has its own charm throughout.

Universities that are listed as one of the best across the world with plenty of opportunities. They education the human minds in a splendid and practical manner. Students worldwide carry a dream to study and enroll with these universities.

Refreshing as it is to tour the city, be it for a day or two, or any number of days. The city talks alive to you all the time. The city shows are so exciting that they freshen up the viewers and give them a whole new view point of living life. The hope and fun provided through them is exquisite.

Nerve replenishing experience it is to be in the city of most exciting adventures of wildlife, biking, rafting, safari rides, etc are numerous. The city always has a lot to offer in all the seasons throughout the year.

Experiences that are in heavy amounts to bring back, that give enlightening experiences and memories. Markets, shopping, extravaganza, a lot more.. 

The Melbourne city has a lot to offer on its list. I have found and gathered a lot of memories in this city and now it's your time to visit Melbourne and explore the city.

To explore more of this place, log on to the following website :
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Foreign Govern!

Evil impulses,
alien power over to
the governing brains.

- Nandini Garg

Inspired by : Haiku Heights

The purity of a relation!

The Friend, the need,
The Love answered.
The feelings sown,
The reaper's love profound.
Seeking for the hours to live,
to fill the needs and
not the emptiness.
The sweetness of the souls,
The pleasure of happiness.
Of all of God's wonder creations,
the souls continual processes.
In the spirits of joy,
cultivating the seeds of smiles.
The sounds of share and care,
Heard here and there..

In the dew of those tiny things
The heart finds its re-freshened dawn. 

P.S : Marriage is a pious and pure bond. Love or arranged are human-made perceptions. Lets keep them clear and head towards the purity of relations that binds together the soul-mates!

- Nandini Garg

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Running Amidst!!

Things happen and things change,
being surrounded by the crowd,
making attempts to run quicker,
And that makes me stand still in the crowd.

The empty pages catch up all the glare,
left blank and then still full of matter,
the power to convince and conquer over the mindsets,
setting the forgotten corners into the search process.

Screening through the torn clippings,
Made me lost to somewhere, anything,
Endlessly searching in the shambles,
that would lead to somewhere.

That might remind of home or related issues,
Dont let that luxurious lifestyle fade away,
Walk away with sense and pride,
With smiles and dreams beyond.

- Nandini Garg

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Convention : No, not always!

It is rather needless to say,
times come and go,
it is required to cross the bay,
to it one shall always owe.

The hurdles are bound to be laid,
there learning from the mistakes,
And no point getting afraid,
leaving warned by the mates.

Let those 'tiny' brains be unlocked,
Happy moments cannot always be cherishing,
Pointless is losing a sector of clock,
Unless one has met the lowly disheartening.

Stand out and speak your sacrilege,
Hardly a man considers his rationality a privilege.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Touch!

Of that immense feel
In those shades of meaning
Tangled into time.

- Nandini Garg

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i lay dead with open eyes

"I found solace. Rather, I wanted to be your child." says the inner voice of Riya.
"But why?" father whispers.
Perplexity exists within Riya.
"I wonder what actually happened, that you quite decided to quit on me."
The father stays quiet.
"As soon as I began to realize myself, set my feet outside of the comfort zone, began to trace my existence,  you planned on to leave me. I am still in that tender developmental and growth stage."
"I jut began to mingle with friends, that went un-noticed. How could that be justfied, father ?"
"I see how brutally the mother is treated all the times. She has served you selflessly whole throughout her life, kindly treat her with warmth and care."
"Where did my mistake lie?"
"I was not at fault, father"
"I tried to reveal out the fear within me to you and to maa, but none of you paid me a heed. I begged you to listen."
"The society's taunts made you to take me my life from me and now you walk away all alone with me on your back."
The girl was molested and pestered. Father took her life. At first, she was cursed and jinxed and then her own family takes her own life.

P.S : This is where the Society faces the scarcity, in the broadening of mindedness. It was not the girl's fallacy. One's own family at times fails to understand and support in the times when it is required. The conditions are getting worse.
The country like our own sees so many cases of child abuse. Let the good prevail and have an end marked to these unjust acts.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

i Flaunt The Precious!

Softened as muslin, coruscate with dew,
Subtle yellow to that scarlet red,
Can sedate one and behold my hue,
Outlining the scenery, tall and erect.

My feather-light wings merrily flutter,
In the finest gowns is the earth draped,
Spotted and smooth, bud to bud as I hover,
The vistas of beauty are preciously entrapped.

Hear the leaves rustle and the gushing sound,
Glimmers with silver at night, golden at noon,
The foliage is green and the thicket brown,
The glint of the sun and beam of the moon.

Of fallen petals, flawless and idyllic,
The grand canvas is kaleidoscopic.

- Nandini Garg

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Remnants!!

 Imagine of the day
Not far away
In the obscurity of the future.
The Sun will set and rise
The tide will come in and go out
The seasons will change
But the birds will
Neither fly south for the winter
Nor return in the spring.
Caterpillars wont transform
Into the butterflies,
All because the inevitable
Would have happened.
We’d be rendered helpless
And in our helplessness
Shall succumbed to death
With the rest of life on earth. 

- by : Nandini Garg

Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Sail Across!

Start to sail till end
Pledge to befriend and care
And love lives.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Give yourself a meaning for being created!!

My "tiny" brain has minutes to spare,
Gives me a push to dare.

It presses time and again the horns,
To think far beyond the norms.

The rage continues inside,
Its inevitable to keep it aside.

It continues to sway my mind,
Keeping all the energy bind.

The voice screams "I cannot",
The silence loudens, "I can, why not".

The waves swirl around,
The motion is astound.

For some reason the embryo is fitted,
Give yourself a "meaning" for being created

About me!

"There are things known and things unknown, and in between there are doors of perception" aptly said.. I know a part of myself and then I keep lurking for those numerous unknown parts by reinventing and rediscovering..

An Alumnus at DPS R.K.Puram, New Delhi.. had the most interesting times of my life.. spent a beautiful hostel life filled with experiences of learning and losing.. then a Computer Science Engineering student at MD University, Rohtak, thereafter, graduated and turned into a professional Software Engineer.. lets see what's destined to happen further, efforts no doubt are must..

On drifting towards my hobbies account, I love reading, dancing (alone :P) on loud music, writing poetry and all that comes to my "Tiny Brain", listening to music, podcasting, talking to myself as the best.. I love playing cricket, spent years learning it from my uncle (well known cricekter of his times, captained the State's team), basketball and then not to feel low about LUDO n Carrom. I love and enjoy whatever I do..

I personally believe that one needs to find the inner self that one owes, built trust onto oneself, and then set on the journey to make things happen and workout in a better way.. opting for the things I love and I do, I feel recreation n relaxation through blogging provides me to explore the better side.

Everyone is special in their own ways, and I am on-way to find mine! Wish me all the luck and success.
Thankyou. :)

Nandini Garg

Contact Me

You can reach me at :
     Facebook Page
     E-mail Id :

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road to success!

Sufferings are tough and hard
Stars do shine even when its dark
Create memories, leave their mark.

Me and my Ego clash!

The surety that I owe
If I am to move in life
Need to make a go.

There lays ETERNITY!

Just a minute the clock ticks,
Refusal cannot be denied,
Sixty seconds fit into it
Forced upon thy.

Its upto one to make,
Its just that minute is tiny,
The best use lead to cutting of cake,
Can make the hours shiny.

Their lies the eternity,
Give an account,
That fixes so well the serenity,
Climb the mount.

Check to the maximum bit
Make me feel low, if I abuse it.

Delhi Sutras : Simply e-Wroughtic!

The Indian Bloggers league (IBL 2012) is a professional league carrying the tagline - "Battle of blogs" for the bloggers in India. The inaugural season consists of 8 teams namely Delhi, Bangalore, Ahemdabad, Pune, Bombay, Chennai, Patna and Kolkata.

I represent team Delhi - Delhi Sutras!and here I go introducing it..

The IBL team Delhi carrying the name : Delhi Sutras - Simply e-Wroughtic is composed of dedicated bloggers who are committed to blogging and providing excellent content to the readers — and who are ready to roar the inaugural season of IBL 2012 (Indian Bloggers League).

The team Delhi consists of the talented 16 bloggers participating with one reserve star shot in IBL 2012. Every member of the team is important in their own way. The team-spirit is high and co-ordination is undoubtedly tremendous.

The timely commitments to the works assigned to members in the team, targeted and prepare to turn out bright is what describes "Delhi Sutras" as the best.

The team Logo for Delhi Sutras :

The representatives of Delhi Sutras are :
1. Priyanka Dey
    Blog : Live Love Believe...
2. Nandini Garg
3. Arvind Passey
    Blog : The Real Fiction
4. Rickie Khosla
5. Akanksha Dureja
    Blog : Direct Dil Se
6. Shashank Kumar
    Blog : Shocky's Journal
7. Aabha Midha
    Blog : Daffodils
8. Shashank Aggarwal
    Blog : Eatlo Blog
9. Mayuri Chaoji
    Blog : In Between Voids
10. Animesh Ganguly
      Blog : Penning Down The Mind 
11. Gv Sparx
      Blog : Gv Sparx 
12. V J Sharma
      Blog : Photo Journey
13. Amritt Rukhaiyaar
      Blog : Passion Beyond Reality 
14. Aalooran Rahman Bora
      Blog : Petrichor 
15. Niharika Tagotra
      Blog : Dreamer's Paradise 
16. Subhojit Goswami
      Blog : Metheobserver 
17. Sangeeta Khanna (Reserve Shot)
      Blog : HomeAlone

All The Best mates.
You are"Simply e-Wroughtic!!

- Nandini Garg
   (Team Delhi)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thanks! :D

Too many people around
thanks and services offered to them
too little space around.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The step ahead!

Threads woven to strings
motions and movements lead to path
laid down towards the destined.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

And The World Changed!

Approaching towards the aim matters,
Turn and twist,
And the world seems changed.
Some things clashing,
And the others turning down,
The others touching,
Heights and glories.
Some part of optimism,
Shall lay down the path,
For the unsolved mysteries.
The craziness would creep in,
Since it is all that,
Runs in the head.
Images of memories come across,
The bad times might,
Leave a haunted mark,
That would step into thoughts,
And thereby the time moves on.
So did I decide to,
Look into my eyes,
Which were all empty,
And left me frozen from inside.
The heavy winds blew,
carrying away the fallen leaves,
Wishing someone carried away me too,
And I would turn around,
To see the world changed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Of Love and Death : Review of "Bloodline" by Sidney Sheldon

Title : Bloodline
Author : Sidney Sheldon
Genre : Mystery, Crime Fiction

Quickly-paced and trapping over with the elicit conversations, set on to have an exciting and thrilling full roller coaster ride in the pages, one after the other. And then the ride would suddenly stop somewhere at the highest point, and then realizing the halt at the ride, giving an assumption that the ride has come to an end.

Everyone dreams of inheriting and carrying the legacy forward of huge assets. Here, Elizabeth too dreams of the same, but for her the scene turns out in a different manner. She is heir of her super-millionaire father. Her not-so-loving father departs off the world on a vacation. He meets a mysterious death. Elizabeth decides upon to take over her father's set-up and on the shares, which according to him weren't supposed to be made public. She is convinced that someone is somewhere planning out on her to take over the money and her luck, which would even mean ending her life.

The attempts being made on her to kill and take off her life finally make her decide to sell of the shares of her father. Elizabeth blossoms into a confident lady, but the male dominance does not lead her to success. The mystery story keeps a good suspense till the end. A little confusing end when Elec was known, and the cousins part unsolved mystery.

A good read, that might get confusing at times. Sheldon does justice to his books, and here with Bloodline, he did it again! Have a pleasant read with the book.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is it just the "PEN" that is mightier ? NO!!

The papers on which 'pen' writes on do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The query arises as to why the paper is deprived of its credits.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The paper is not really praised for its actual worth.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

It is not that the paper's value was null.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The hands that hold on the pen do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The brain that directs the hands to pen down do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The body cells n tissues that work in unison to write do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

The surroundings that make the environment  do carry the value.
Or is it just the "pen" that is mightier ?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MOM : I Love You!!

You are always there for me with a smile,
Your praises and comments make it all worthwhile.

As I strive to do my very best,
And emerge victorious facing every test.

You go out of your way to give me hope,
In you I find the strength to cope.

You give with love, not merely out of duty,
My days are daily burnished by that beauty.

Love you MAA!! <3
A true visionary, my mom, Mrs. Sunita Garg has always been ahead of her times. She is a human being of quality who firmly believes in converting her vision into reality effectively and with her best of efforts. My own life has gone from strength to strength under her guidance.

Her dynamic personality exudes confidence as she graces us with her august presence at all the times. Her deep is a joy to all the family members and her commitment to life is largely evident in the amount of time she spends for the benefit of the family and others.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love” - Mildred B. Vermont. Assuming her various roles as wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, sister and role model with grace and aplomb as a MOTHER, she has been a figure on whom a child can always depend on at all the times.

The life she leads exemplifies her belief that one has to have a passionate interest in self-sacrifice. The interest should give the person an urge to explore and a zest for life, and keep child-like enthusiasm and curiosity alive.

As an invaluable member of the family, she has been a perennial source of illumination and inspiration for everyone alike. She is constantly encouraging and motivating me to perform beyond potential, helping me do and become more than I ever thought was possible.

I thank her for always being there to motivate me to my best and to inspire me to achieve the impossible and blooming heights. I couldn't otherwise, I do appreciate all that you have done.

On this Mother's Day, after spending 22 years under your cover, I dedicate this post to you. Love you Maa. :*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Need : The Rise

All of us can make something good... And doing your share and doing my share can change the future of this generation. How can poverty exist if its just a matter of policy? This would be the thought that would have crossed each of the minds as this question comes up. Is the shining India ready for, who are educated and eager for a revolution ?

India, can you hear me ?
It is indeed our foremost duty as youth of challenging today to be benefited and take advantage of all the opportunities that we can get to enhance and develop ourselves and acquire better awareness and understanding. I believe that everyone out in the land is destined for something greater than themselves. That is why I would be delighted and thereby like to encourage everyone to take into heart all of the things what they learn from all the great men (and women too). I wish they motivate and help in realizing what potential you possess and the capability of the many things and that you can make landmarks in your own ways. As what they aptly say, a thousand miles journey begins with a step. May those efforts now be a step forward into realizing the desires and goals, and may it be a step up as well for you take challenges for you to be the person you ought to be.

In-fact, if there were new discoveries, new inventions, new ideas, new innovations, instead of the same old methods and ways of accomplishing it, and same doubts and challenges in the end, why don't we look at a new technique, the way we can attack it ? We want to look at something that is little difficult, energized, something new and livelihood. How can merely a few groups of passionate individuals with technical backgrounds (business, engineering, etc) change the lives of people.

Seeing a threat, or a potential solution about it and then not doing anything about it, is merely ignorance. Letting free flow of corruption, enabling all of these things to come in between them and what a human potential is.. or even being a citizen, doing something for the society. If you allow millions of these people to live in sticks and sheets, then its only ethically right that we look for a way to make it better. The point is how do we make these livings better?

Ok. inturn, it depends on how people decide on to apply mindsets and its skills – and whether they make wise and smarty conclusions and address the genuine needs – that makes the difference ultimately.

Be bold enough to try the new, because in the end , impossible is not a fact, it’s just an opinion.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Random Lanes!!!

The scripts of memories
reminiscence of the classic and elementary bliss
hidebound in the noodles.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ardor, Appetite And Amore

The gargantuan commotion,
contusions, and rugged muscles-bones
The liquid plasma that shoots out
from unlocked and unbar lesions
The suturing necessary
to heal the wounds.
In any wise this can be over-much
The corner to angle bends
in which one competes.
The startling cliffs
at which one turns out.

I even now adjudicate
to jeopardize my memoir
On the lark
it senses so licensed.
It’s a hurry scurry
to discover and pick up the clamor.

From the rooters and lovers
that crave for once anon.
One energizes oneself
to the terminus ad quem
For the hell of it
One desires to attain victory in it.

To pursue the accusation and excitement
Abstaining from the drugs
The fixtures, the gears,
the belongings that deprive
Others opt and shoot
to fume off
In case anyone can palpate
eminent and dominating all day
I equitably drive
the ballers and the replicates
This gleans me altudinous
and towering
than with everyone else
I grasp and comprehend
of it being sporty
but I love to recreate
since, SPORTS is also a way of life.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bond through Sports!!!

Promising vivid lights,
Booming buffs and fans.
Amulation at its peak
Towering heights
Innings luring
And the ultimate sway’s high
in a case, when I’m excelling
And fitter than the rest.
Immense and boundless foreboding
For the anterior octets.
Entreated that I get
My prospect to authorize and command.
Words of wisdom cross
Through my promontory,
Having millions of them renounced.
There’s no tougher imperativeness
in sports than being a escort,
since I endure for it.
Inspiration, supremacy,
it’s all portion of the concern,
In case, at times when one is nearer,
One has microcosmic period to snivel.
Perpetual fluctuations and vicissitudes
Contending to be the ginormous
Multifold mates reckoning on one,
To not permit the prime within other.
Smash another one!
Yells the umpire,
Paving glory,
And yet another victory.
There’s no other tremendous pressure
In sports than getting nearer and closer.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If You Are To Be Remembered

I stood along
With the host of others,
In front loomed the peak,
Older than our forefathers.
The aim, everyone had was the same,
To conquer, reach the top,
Earn glory, or to fade in contempt.
There was no going back, in trying
Our best and yet failing,
There was no consolation,
For the winner has many fathers
But the loser has none.
We have to attempt to scale the peak;
It is our only choice,
Because only the people
Who make it to the top
Would people be listening to the voice.
To thwart us, the protectors of the hill are ready,
They are warriors, tough, ruthless and hardy.
Many shall perish, and only few shall make it,
And the rest would not even be heeded by the world even a bit.
The hill I speak, their stand looms before us like a giant,
The protectors stand menacing, ready to strike us with their full strength
One by one, we must beat them,
If we are able to be remembered by this selfish world,
Earn aureole and eminence.


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