Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IEEE experience....:)

First of all, kudos for my work and experience with IEEE as a student member.... I’ll be graduating in 2012 and planning to go for some research and development work in future. Had an appetite to join engineering organisation, wondering how it affect my IT engineering career?
As far as advancing of my career what I believe is that every experience can be useful and beneficial.  Working with IEEE is no less an exception. One is very well exposed and gets and enjoys to work with a wide variety of tasks and people (first positive), likely to gain leadership and excellence experience (second positive), and have a GIANT and HUGE set of knowledge and when you are done can use it if ever need them (third positive).....wow...!!    If one is working for any large company, they will likely survive without one when we have to serve.  It is much easier to serve when working for a large organisation.
On the downside, some definitely view it as a negative point since one misses time from work and regular schedule.  It is, but what I feel is that the experience that one gains here far outweighs the time missed at work.
Team skills, dedication and determination are part of a suite of professional skills that professionalists expect graduates to have and be able to apply in the workplace and so is very well inculcated through IEEE.

Thanks a lot to IEEE for providing such a wide platform to express and grow...:)

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