Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today we find ourselves living in progressively more turbulent and stressful times. Sensitive persons, and even the more discerning man-of-the-masses, are now feeling the increasing pressure and influence of unwholesome forces and powers arising, as prophesied, to maintain and reinforce their dominion in the seen times.
War is an indispensable part of civilization and is found at every chapter of human history. It is the culmination of the basic survival instinct when provoked. In the early centuries, traditional warfare employed the use of hoplite soldiers and cavalry who met at a scheduled location and fought reciprocally. 
Presently, all around the world, we can observe the manifest, physical-plane correspondences of an ongoing invisible war, which is imposed upon humanity from the inner side of life and is facilitated by the general state and customary activity of the mass-consciousness itself.
It is the responsibility and opportunity of each soul to seek out the truth of things, and to seek thoroughly and conscientiously, so that we may see clearly what is taking place in the world. Even though it may be unpleasant we must not be afraid to confront reality squarely, for in seeking the Truth we must acknowledge both the good and the bad. Then in seeing clearly, we may adopt an objective attitude, understanding the costs and tribulations that we will necessarily experience on the Path, while proceeding in willingness and supplication to what is true. Despite all outer appearances, we should remain faithful to our inner calling, whatever form that may take. The wise do not indulge in hopefulness, nor do they dwell in regret, but instead address things just as they are, so that with awareness, honesty and steadfastness they may go the way in spiritual surrender.

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