Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scared, lost, lonely are our tigers........!!!!!

The TIGERS are GETTING extinct...yes, they are...

Tigers are an integral part of the ecosystem, and a major link in the food chain. Tigers have been bestowed magical and supernatural properties by many societies, and have also been revered as Gods. All living creatures of mother earth depend on one another for survival.
Tigers are sad because people have killed many of their friends & relatives. Tigers are now an endangered species. Today there are only about 5,000 to 7,400 tigers left in the world. These tigers would soon die if people do not stop hunting them. It is estimated that 100 years ago, there were 50,000 to 80,000 tigers in India alone. Three types of tigers, The Bali, Javan, and Caspian tigers have become extinct (not even one of them is left in this world.) in the past 70 years.
We as human beings are brothers and sisters to every living being, from the plants to the animals to each other. But as human populations continue to rise out of control and more space is taken for human habitation and occupation, wild animals of all types are pushed onto ever shrinking habitats. This is clearly the fault of the human race.
Poaching, deforestation, and human expansion brought all species of tiger to the brink of extinction. The causes of the fast decrease in the Tiger population are well known both by the government and common people. Today, we are by no means out of the woods. All remaining sub-species of tiger are endangered, making the tiger species as a whole nearly extinct.
Tigers are killed to make rugs and coats out of their skins, and also because in many Asian cultures medicines made from tiger parts are believed to cure diseases. Tigers and many other endangered species are killed illegally for their skins and body parts. Products made from rare wild animals such as spotted cats, tigers, rhinos, and elephants are still sold illegally.
Is that the life that is left for our tigers, the national animal of India........???????
And thus our own heritage is own this extreme verge of destruction....
The time is now to save these magnificent cats, before they vanish from the earth forever. The power and beauty of these animals is indisputable.
Education is the key to developing sensitivity and awareness to our environment. Qualitative and quantitative decline of wildlife habitat including loss of prey base are main reasons for such a situation.
Not only is tiger a beautiful animal but it is also the indicator of the forest's health. Saving the tiger means we save the forest since tiger cannot live in places where trees have vanished and in turn secure food and water for all.
Tigers now need a "preservationist" approach. Regional planning is important around Tiger Reserves to foster ecological connectivity between protected areas through restorative inputs with integrated landuse planning. The management plan of a Tiger Reserve, therefore, needs to be integrated in larger regional management plans
We should be ashamed of ourselves for this immature and very unwise use of our planet ...we need to wise up quickly – there is little time left for many species, maybe even our own ... Humankind is not above all else in the world, but an intricate part of all in the world.
The people of whole World should join hands to save the Tigers and its species.....!!!!!


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