Sunday, December 19, 2010

After All, She Was A Girl Child..!!

She wakes when the mankind sleeps
Toils while her inmates are tranquil.
She fights, battles and fetches for them.
Feeds them her bread.
Like a street hawker she is.

Withholding and drifting from those hungry eyes.
With sun shrieking in the skies.
Travels barefooted on blistering streets.
Doing every bit to make a penny.
Begging for alms, mooching off the bins.

This is still finer, until you see the other side.
Father passed away, mother re-married.
More siblings to fetch for.. More alms needed.
Mislaid another hour of her sleep and rest.
Setting on with the dawn and off with the dusk.

Sour eyes and esurient stomach.
Fragile and rickety bones get no rest.
Mother still not home and she’s put to test..!!
Retires to bed to catch a breathe.
No mercy for her as she’s a girl.

Comes in a aggressive step-father to seize away her esteemed assets.
She’s hit.. She’s scourged.. Strained, harassed and Wounded..
Lying on the ground.. She bleeds and cries..
The mother is late as a ritual it is.
And therefore the process repeats.

A hungry step-father squelches his thirst.
She bleeds.. She sobs..
She pleads for clemency..
But she has No right
After all she’s a girl child..!!

Days pass by but they provide No allay.
Her belly bulges.
A juvenile she is and another one she now depicts.
Mother locates and she’s thrashed.. Condemned and called names.
Mother smears her for the idiosyncrasy she could not retain.

But she abides in silence and dare not open her mouth.
More tears, injuries, pain, hurt and distress.
Such a fragile body she had,
And another frail body breathed inside,
But they could not fight with what was destined.

Innocence with her, innocence died.
With the progenitors watching from outside.
Proving Solace, comfort and respite to both.
After all she was born for it.
Born to be abominated.. hit and bruised..

Cursed and jinxed to be a girl child..!!
After all she was a GIRL child..!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Technology influence on the Youth...:)

The increasing demand and use of technology is largely shaping and turning our future and as many as people assume it’s the "computer” doing it all and on contrary which is not the fact. These machines have been with us for decades and now, with their advanced multimedia capability and technology and numerous softwares available, they deserve and justify considerable credit for enhancing the attainment and learning among people of all ages and groups. But I on my end, propose that there is an even greater thirst for technology on the rise, whose power, ability and indicant is far more encompassing, embracing and comprehending. I am uttering about the causative, casual and emerging forms of interactive communications and transmission, such as the Internet, that allow us to exploit and capitalize on our supreme learning resource – the modernistic and innovative minds of people all over the globe.

All have just begin to and experience and expose the impact of this connecting and linking up of people to people, and can only guess and retrieve how enhancing and transforming its consequences will be in the approaching years. I strongly contend, however, that if one makes the better selections now, one can intimately opt for the better and high quality of how one can ascertain, and more imperative, how the youth of today and generations yet to come are tutored and instructed to contemplate.

To triumph at that opportunity requires a resolute and synchronized effort – a coalition if everyone will – among our families, schools, youth and awareness organizations, and social communities, etc. I asseverate that because I am thoughtful and aware that technology itself is never the only reason things change and modify. In fact, it depends on how people decide on to apply technology and its skills – and whether they make wise and smarty conclusions and address the genuine needs – that makes the difference ultimately.

Today, the elementary and the primary question that haunts is if one will share this “magic voodoo” with everyone, or only a few privileged and lucky ones . The remedy depends on the judgements one makes and the conduct one takes from that minute onwards. One must realise that approach to the Internet accessibility needs to be a concern and reality for all the citizens, that the untrammelled, comprehensive and limitless flow of information and the ready availability of computers for individuals are not merely the matters of “technology.” They are, in fact, the significant key that either opens or locks the doors of opportunity for the youth.

Therefore, it is within one’s own will to determine if this generation is to experience and benefit from the rewards of self-motivation, determination, self-realisation and self-discovery, a higher standard of life, and overall a renewed sense of community that derives from an innovative and interactive sharing of information and knowledge. If one makes that leap, and assure and ascertain that every individual has access to the technology and its advancement and the opportunity to learn the proficiency to apply these advance technologies for personal and over all advancement as well as for the common good, India will make a successful and brand new transition and transformation to the millennium, and if one fails, one may leave a legacy smaller than our own inheritance and existence.

In addition, when one gets thorough going to it, it hardly matters what activities the youth power gets involved in at events and organizations – thought out so they have a sense of pride, acquisition, ownership and accomplishment and, ultimately in the end, are left with the feeling, “I can and I will.” Working with peers and experts enhances their abilities and experiences, giving a broader aspect and wonderful chance and opportunity to see beyond their own skills and abilities and to develop a sense of pride and honour for oneself. I firmly believe that when one adds the new technologies and skills to the mix, one can broaden that group experience enormously and create learning relationships and opportunities for engaging the youth power and strength which before has not been possible.... And so young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IEEE experience....:)

First of all, kudos for my work and experience with IEEE as a student member.... I’ll be graduating in 2012 and planning to go for some research and development work in future. Had an appetite to join engineering organisation, wondering how it affect my IT engineering career?
As far as advancing of my career what I believe is that every experience can be useful and beneficial.  Working with IEEE is no less an exception. One is very well exposed and gets and enjoys to work with a wide variety of tasks and people (first positive), likely to gain leadership and excellence experience (second positive), and have a GIANT and HUGE set of knowledge and when you are done can use it if ever need them (third positive)!!    If one is working for any large company, they will likely survive without one when we have to serve.  It is much easier to serve when working for a large organisation.
On the downside, some definitely view it as a negative point since one misses time from work and regular schedule.  It is, but what I feel is that the experience that one gains here far outweighs the time missed at work.
Team skills, dedication and determination are part of a suite of professional skills that professionalists expect graduates to have and be able to apply in the workplace and so is very well inculcated through IEEE.

Thanks a lot to IEEE for providing such a wide platform to express and grow...:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today we find ourselves living in progressively more turbulent and stressful times. Sensitive persons, and even the more discerning man-of-the-masses, are now feeling the increasing pressure and influence of unwholesome forces and powers arising, as prophesied, to maintain and reinforce their dominion in the seen times.
War is an indispensable part of civilization and is found at every chapter of human history. It is the culmination of the basic survival instinct when provoked. In the early centuries, traditional warfare employed the use of hoplite soldiers and cavalry who met at a scheduled location and fought reciprocally. 
Presently, all around the world, we can observe the manifest, physical-plane correspondences of an ongoing invisible war, which is imposed upon humanity from the inner side of life and is facilitated by the general state and customary activity of the mass-consciousness itself.
It is the responsibility and opportunity of each soul to seek out the truth of things, and to seek thoroughly and conscientiously, so that we may see clearly what is taking place in the world. Even though it may be unpleasant we must not be afraid to confront reality squarely, for in seeking the Truth we must acknowledge both the good and the bad. Then in seeing clearly, we may adopt an objective attitude, understanding the costs and tribulations that we will necessarily experience on the Path, while proceeding in willingness and supplication to what is true. Despite all outer appearances, we should remain faithful to our inner calling, whatever form that may take. The wise do not indulge in hopefulness, nor do they dwell in regret, but instead address things just as they are, so that with awareness, honesty and steadfastness they may go the way in spiritual surrender.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scared, lost, lonely are our tigers........!!!!!

The TIGERS are GETTING extinct...yes, they are...

Tigers are an integral part of the ecosystem, and a major link in the food chain. Tigers have been bestowed magical and supernatural properties by many societies, and have also been revered as Gods. All living creatures of mother earth depend on one another for survival.
Tigers are sad because people have killed many of their friends & relatives. Tigers are now an endangered species. Today there are only about 5,000 to 7,400 tigers left in the world. These tigers would soon die if people do not stop hunting them. It is estimated that 100 years ago, there were 50,000 to 80,000 tigers in India alone. Three types of tigers, The Bali, Javan, and Caspian tigers have become extinct (not even one of them is left in this world.) in the past 70 years.
We as human beings are brothers and sisters to every living being, from the plants to the animals to each other. But as human populations continue to rise out of control and more space is taken for human habitation and occupation, wild animals of all types are pushed onto ever shrinking habitats. This is clearly the fault of the human race.
Poaching, deforestation, and human expansion brought all species of tiger to the brink of extinction. The causes of the fast decrease in the Tiger population are well known both by the government and common people. Today, we are by no means out of the woods. All remaining sub-species of tiger are endangered, making the tiger species as a whole nearly extinct.
Tigers are killed to make rugs and coats out of their skins, and also because in many Asian cultures medicines made from tiger parts are believed to cure diseases. Tigers and many other endangered species are killed illegally for their skins and body parts. Products made from rare wild animals such as spotted cats, tigers, rhinos, and elephants are still sold illegally.
Is that the life that is left for our tigers, the national animal of India........???????
And thus our own heritage is own this extreme verge of destruction....
The time is now to save these magnificent cats, before they vanish from the earth forever. The power and beauty of these animals is indisputable.
Education is the key to developing sensitivity and awareness to our environment. Qualitative and quantitative decline of wildlife habitat including loss of prey base are main reasons for such a situation.
Not only is tiger a beautiful animal but it is also the indicator of the forest's health. Saving the tiger means we save the forest since tiger cannot live in places where trees have vanished and in turn secure food and water for all.
Tigers now need a "preservationist" approach. Regional planning is important around Tiger Reserves to foster ecological connectivity between protected areas through restorative inputs with integrated landuse planning. The management plan of a Tiger Reserve, therefore, needs to be integrated in larger regional management plans
We should be ashamed of ourselves for this immature and very unwise use of our planet ...we need to wise up quickly – there is little time left for many species, maybe even our own ... Humankind is not above all else in the world, but an intricate part of all in the world.
The people of whole World should join hands to save the Tigers and its species.....!!!!!

THE POWER OF THE WOMAN....unchallenged...

The Woman symbolises courage,
The woman symbolises strength,
The Woman symbolises faith,
The woman symbolises devotion,
The Mothers of children with the strong spirits
Who have the imaginations unbridled.
The woman makes mistakes
and works out the miracles,
The woman whose decisions faulter
and whose strength is tested every day.
The woman who can stand with pride
The woman can admit when she is wrong,
The woman who is not always wise
but who thrives to always do her best.
The woman can stop a storm,
The woman who has super-powers
and hence can read the minds.


With no hesitancy, no pull backs, no excuses,
Removing all the obstacles that stand in her way.
The sparkle in her eyes,
the natural swing in her walk,
she radiates excitement and enthusiasm.
she is a joy to watch,
she is an inspiration to others,
her pure soul has an endless marvel.
she has the strength to stand alone,
she has the courage to lean on another.
the woman is all about femininity,
That's the stuff that she's made up of.
She has within her the layers of depth of her thoughts and feelings.
She reminds us of an opinion,
Seemingly translucent to tantalize our imagination.
Only to uncover layer upon layer,
Peeling off to reveal yet another layer.
She's never one-dimensional,
That's not what she made to be.
Her layers serve only to protect,
Her very core of being.
Her deepest core is so very well-hidden,
From the harsh glare of unenlightening.
Generously sharing her genuine being,
Only to those she trusts with her core.
You can only choose to let go,
Resisting not her many womanly charms.
But be swept up by her many facets and dimensions,
Uttering, "What an astonishing power is with HER!!

Life's Journey....

ife isn't a choice, living may be.
's a different journey altogether.
For each of us to go ahead individually. 
Embracing every moment of our existence, 
'Securing all of our hopes and dreams.
Just in case we stumble. 
On the first try, we try again and again, 
Until our goals have been achieved and marked. 
Rewards will truly follow.
Never forget to pray and let never give up. 
Each opportunity faced with "No" is much closer to "Yes". 
Your life is worth living--LIVE IT!


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